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Effects of Playtime in School

Does your kid’s school has playtime equipments where kids can freely play safely? Some schools have the funds for this and some does not and for those who can’t afford to have a portion of their school area dedicated for playground structures, well, we can’t blame them coz funds for this kind of school equipment leisure are hard to come by. But for those who can easily afford them, kids must surely be happy every time they are in school.

The playground must always be safe and of course, someone should always be there to look after the kids while at play. Sometimes, accidents happen coz some kids might be overexcited about something, that they forget the rules at playtime. The structures must have undergone quality control before they leave the factory thus eliminating the accidents from pointed ends or rough edges which can cut the skin of a child.

There are many reasons why the school puts up a playground. Here are some of them:

  • make kids study better and harder because they know that the reward would be an hour or two in the playground
  • friendship with other kids start at the playground
  • energies are exhausted in playing thus kids go home tamed and of course, tired but happy
  • kids learn how to be independent and think independently because their parents are not present thus nobody else to help them but the overseer which they are usually scared to ask for help coz their playtime might be cut short

The above are just some examples but of course there are more reasons why and some may differ depending on the kind of school coz SPED or Special Schools have different reasons for the playground structures.Β  But, the main reason i bet, is to make the kids happy and for socialization purposes.

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