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My Brother and His Toys

Kids these days will try almost anything that’s new in the market in terms of computer games and gadgets. I bet most of your kids are somewhat like that too. Well, it isn’t bad to want something that just came out from the market coz for sure, you’re kids have been seeing promotional materials for a long time so they actually knew what this “toy” will look like and it’s features and beauty.

But sometimes, it’s not that easy to give them what they want for reasons like “it’s not in the budget” or “you already have lots of toys” etc. It’s pertinent to teach them how to value money and not just buy things in a whim. You also need to explain why and not just let them hold on to the thought that you simply don’t want to buy them their most awaited stuff.

To date, I’m seeing gizmos and gadget and toys for men scattered in all places except in the cr. That’s how my brother loves his “toys” and at times he even sleeps with it, clutching it like it’s a girlfriend that he doesn’t want to lose his sight and “grip” on, hehehee

If you can see his room, a Fender guitar hangs at the door, clothes thrown everywhere (is this normal for guys?) and it’s all messy EXCEPT all his treasured and most loved “toys” and “gadgets” are organized in a glass cabinet. He’s that neat when it comes to his “loved ones” and he would be so furious if you even think of touching them, lol. Crazy guy…

Since I’m still single, I can still take this kind of environment though I hope he changes soon or girls would be exiting the door as soon as they see the mess… Well, good luck to me 🙂



This is a guest post by Jasper P.

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