Effective Mathematics Tutors For Your Child's Academic Success

Effective Mathematics Tutors For Your Child’s Academic Success

Last year, The Australian Council for Academic Research (ACER) had released their reports on student performance via the Programme for International Student Assessment, 2018. Unfortunately, according to this website, Australia had disappointing results.

The figures project a steady decline in an Australian 15 year old’s achievement in 3 categories: reading, maths, and science. Ten countries have outdone Australia itself—countries that it was once on par with. The most alarming aspect, however, is its projection of lagging far behind 20 other countries in mathematics.

Even just considering this statistic, we can already conclude something is going on with our educational system. But because we can’t make larger waves enough to correct it, the only way to do is fill in the lack on our end. And what’s the most effective way to do that? Hire a mathematics tutor, especially when you see your child visibly struggling with the subject. Hiring a mathematics tutor reinforces not only additional knowledge but also self-confidence in the child’s abilities.

Knowing What Effective Tutoring Looks Like

Before you conclude that any math teacher will do as long as they have the credentials, let’s stop you right there. Math tutoring is simple in and of itself, but there are other things you need to consider, such as the tutor’s attitude toward your child, how strict and lenient they are, and the way they teach your child the necessary knowledge they require. There are some questions you need to answer while assessing potential tutors:

Effective Mathematics Tutors For Your Child's Academic Success

  • Did the tutor undergo professional training/had a degree in maths/was a former teacher beforehand?

You wouldn’t want your child to learn from incompetent tutors. Having a mathematics tutor that was once a teacher (bonus if they handled the age range your child is in) is the ideal characteristic when it comes to this question.

  • Are they positive and enthusiastic about teaching?

Effective learning won’t spring from ineffective tutoring. If the tutor lacks any motivation, seems uninterested, or just focuses on the result—e.g. money—then you should reconsider choosing them. If you want your child to get the most out of this, select a tutor that cares.

  • Are they open-minded/willing to use other teaching methods?

As a parent, you should want versatile and up-to-date tutors for your child. Children aren’t cut from the same cloth. Thus, your ideal tutor should understand this (for example, gradeatuition.com.au/) and find ways to teach them suited to their learning style. From the tutor’s attitude of being open and accepting of other answers and methods, your child can learn flexibility and problem-solving.

  • Are they empathetic?

Patience and understanding should exude from your tutor. It’s not an adult they are teaching, but a child or a teenager, which requires double the empathy. This situation is especially true when their weakest subject is math. This subject can be the focus of many frustrations and complexities which your tutor should break down into more manageable steps for your child.

Though having a tutor means giving your child someone to depend on, note that the tutor’s goal shouldn’t be to reliance, but foster independence in their studies. Obviously, tutoring won’t last forever, and both tutor and tutee will part ways sooner or later. If by that time, your child reverts to their old ways, it just means their tutoring wasn’t done in the name of effective learning.

Benefits Of Getting A Mathematics Tutor

  1. Build Your Child’s Self-confidence

No matter how good we are, we have experienced academic anxiety one way or another. Though not always math anxiety, it still stands as one of the most common problems with middle school students all over the globe. It’s only natural that if a child sees they don’t do well in the subject, they conclude they never will and thus develop this anxiety overtime.

Effective Mathematics Tutors For Your Child's Academic Success 1

Unlike in a classroom setting, tutoring is a one-on-one set-up. This means your child won’t have the preconceived shame of asking questions during class in fear or judgment, and can freely voice out any confusion to their private tutor. A study even showed brain scans of fearful students, which had activated fear centres—or known as the amygdala—that resulted from their high-anxiety towards mathematics. After and during tutoring, no sign of activation came from the amygdala or any fear circuit.

  • Cover All Known And Unkown Concepts

Maths, unlike English, evolve as time passes on. While the latter doesn’t stray from its traditional use of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, mathematics is versatile and bring forth new ways to solve problems every day. This means a lot of confusion may arise if you were to teach your child mathematics with methods that don’t apply to today’s standards.

Instead of fostering learning, the child will become confused between your teaching and the one they learned in school.

Having a tutor can help you immensely in both situations. They are knowledgable and aware of old and new techniques, and can easily teach both to the child. This way, they can learn a lot of ways to problem-solve and possibly even foster an open-mind to tackle problems from different angles.

  • Teach Them Positivity In Challenges

For (especially competitive) teenagers, it’s not easy to ask for help in their studies. Getting a tutor and telling them it’s alright to get assistance will help them realise challenges are opportunities in disguise, and that they wouldn’t be punished simply because they’re lacking.

  • Foster Their Learning Type

Some children learn faster when offered visuals and some can easily catch up just by listening. Whatever type your child falls in, they don’t easily get catered in a classroom setting compared to a private tutor. While in the former, the teacher has 30 or more students to teach, it’s natural for them to generalise their lesson. The same can’t be said with a private math tutor that can assess your child’s learning type and utilise to their advantage.

  • Help Them Transition Easily

In some cases, when the family needs to move, your child needs more than emotional help in transitioning. Though being tagged as a “new kid” can’t always be helped, their academic status is another discussion. Hiring a tutor to help them catch up can ease some burden they might already be feeling in a new environment, with new classmates, teachers, and modules.

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  1. yanpaladquisol17 says:

    Agree! Kung may budget naman lalo Kung busy both parents mas maganda talaga Yung meron mag gguide sayo, mas lalo ka matututo 😊❤️

  2. Lyka Mitra says:

    Agree po ako sa lahat ng nasabi po dito sa blog niyo po kase aminin man po natin o hindi eh talagang may ibang part ni Math ang napakahirap maintindihan kaya kung need na po talaga ng tutor at kaya naman po eh mag hire na.. para po sa akin magandang investment na rin po kase yung anak naman po natin ang makikinabang nito.. 👍

  3. MA Del says:

    Malaking tulong din po talaga sa pag Aaral ng mga anak natin ang tutors,dapat open minded po talaga ang tutor at may pagpapahalaga sa kanyang tutee at hindi lang po basta basta dahil lang sa Sahod.

  4. sosingerica says:

    Struggle is real po tlaga mamu when it comes to Math subject. Kelangan po tlaga mag hire ng tutor if can afford naman kasi minsan po kahit tayo nahihirapan din po minsan intindihin Yun mga lesson sa Math. And the good thing about this is, may mga good benefits din po pala ang paghire ng tutor for our kids. And what I like the most is Yun “build child self-confidence” kasi minsan iniisip ng mga kids na hindi sila matalino or di nila kayang gawin. Kaya maganda po pala yun maghire tayo ng tutor for our kids Lalo at hindi natin kayang ituro sknila lahat.☺️

  5. Criselda Benin says:

    Tama po Mamu, kung alam natin sa sarili natin na hirap tayo magturo especially sa Math hindi masama kung may extrang money ay ipatuitor natin ang ating anak na alam natin sila din ang makikinabang at mabilis matututo😊

  6. Nozid Faith says:

    Sa pag aaral ng mga bata kaylangan talagang ma guide sila ng maayos ..Lalo na pag mga major subjects tulad ng Mathematics dito pumapasok yung serbisyo ng mga tutors ..Laking tulong nito dahil talagang matututukan sila ng maayos

  7. maxgabpantino says:

    true yan Mamu madami talagang negative & positive outcome on getting a tutor pero for me as a Mom kung kaya ko naman ako na lang magturo sa kanya at the same time marerefresh ko din yung skills ko di ba a win win situation for both of us and tipid pa kasi we all know that hiring a tutor is pricey

  8. kielnicole says:

    . bighelp den po sa mga bata ang mag hire ng tutor lalo napo kung bc ang mga parents para mas maututukan ng maayos ang kanilang pag aaral . 💜

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