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Know your Benefits as an Employee

When people start working and earning their monthly pay, there are deductibles taken from their wages. Some people actually consider these burdensome, claiming that the salary deductions leave them with barely enough to make it through to the next payday. Not too many understand that the money being taken away from their monthly pay actually goes towards different benefits and this includes sickness, taxation, maternity and disability benefits.

On the contrary, these premiums that are withheld from your wages each month serve a very noble purpose. A case in point is the social security premium. This one is particularly designed to help you should you ever become unfit to work. Now most people actually think that disability benefits apply only to cases where a person is incapable of ever working again after getting involved in an accident or falling really sick. However, social security disability insurance or SSDI basically applies to people who are unable to work not only due to a debilitating illness but also when an employee is recuperating from an illness or recovering from an accident.

Social Security Insurance

Of course, there are eligibility factors in order for one to file for disability claims. What are these? Well, upon assessment, they must prove that you are not able to do your work as you did before. Another is that if it verified that you can no longer take on any other job because of your condition. Finally, you are eligible for SSDI claims if you suffer from your condition for more than a year or if it results to death. In this case, the family members who are left will benefit from the disability insurance.

Simply put the SSDI will give beneficiaries income from the time that they declare their condition that is that they are not suited to work, up until the time that they are fully recovered. Now in the event that a person can no longer go back to work, assuming the condition worsens, then the SSDI will guarantee a monthly income for that person depends on how much premium you have contributed through all the years that you’ve been working. So if you or someone you know are contemplating on filing a claim, it would be a good idea to read more about this benefit and ask around. Companies usually have someone from the Human Resource Department who could explain everything about this kind of disability insurance.

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