Remembering Our Wedding Day.. and after that…

Yay! Another year added! Memories of that special moment kept rushing in… In fact, especially now that I’m writing this. I wasn’t able to concentrate well on work because tiny pictures kept popping on my mind while I giggled. Please don’t ask me to divulge those funny and heart-warming moments because they’re personal. I just wanna write this coz I can’t contain myself anymore and I might snap into craziness if I don’t at least let it out a little.

You see, our story (my husband and I of course) is something like a “match made in heaven”. Sounds corny for some, but it isn’t for me. If you know what I’ve been through when I was younger, you’d giggle too at the thought that we finally made it to the altar and you’d cry with me too, when you hear my heartaches.

I’ve been hurt, a lot of times. I know this isn’t the right platform to tell those stories, but I just wanna say that. Some people think that I’m invincible… I’m not.. I got my own list of failures just like any other person.

As I looked into my past relationships, I frowned and got teary-eyed.. When I was able to control the sudden influx of emotions, I smiled.. because at the end of the rocky road, there stood a man with arms open wide..

The path we took hand in hand during our first few years wasn’t all flat and all beautiful views . We had our shares of unhappy moments and raised voices countless times. No marriage is PERFECT but we can make it HAPPIER. The relationship was a happy one so it’s up to us to make it to the next level and the next until we reach the “HAPPIEST” stage in our lives.

Wedding Rings

At that time I was in front of the Pastor, there were no hint of hesitations therefore I was ready to commit my life with the man beside me for all eternity. Our families stood beside us while we exchanged vows. I was pregnant at that time and even the little being inside me was in agreement of what’s been happening outside his tiny world. I bet he’s so excited to finally meet his parents that he kept turning and kicking,lol.

I was serious of all things that I said during the ceremony and I intend to keep it. I hope my husband feels the same way,lol. Since we only invited close family members, we just had a small gathering. After that, my life changed for the better.

Some men keep their wives like trophies but in a bad way. They keep and never touch again, well unless they need dusting. I do hope you know what I’m getting at. Some other men thinks and sees their wives as the same – trophies. But the difference – they value, love and respect their women. It’s like they are their most precious gifts that needs caring.

My husband (thank God), is the latter. I am so lucky that I finally met (and married) the right match for me and I hope again, he feels the same way,lol. We are meant to be together. I know I’ve said this before, but, we complete each other. One is at a loss when the other is not around. Simply put, we can’t live without each other.

Soon, old age will be creeping and knocking on our door. The kids will be grown up and have their own families. It will only be ME and HIM. I just pray that when the time comes that we are old and weary, we’ll still be happy and healthy, ready to face on new challenges, hands clasped together.

To my ever so faithful husband, I wish we’ll be as happy always and that no amount of temptations can ever set us apart. May God shower us more patience so we may go thru our married life with better understanding and lotsa love..

I love you, hon… more than you’ll ever know…. Wedding Anniversary

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  1. Remembering Our Wedding Day.. and after that…

  2. EihdraG says:

    Remembering Our Wedding Day.. and after that…

  3. Event Lover says:

    Congratulations to you and your husband

  4. Happy anniversary to you and your husband, sis Eihdra!

    Lovely words. Makes me really jealous. I hope I’d find the right match for me real soon.

    I wish you more love in the coming years. πŸ™‚

    1. You will sis. Just don’t lose hope. Thanks πŸ™‚

  5. Desi says:

    I congratulate you on this wonderful day

  6. happy anniversary Mommy Eihdra, here’s to a lifetime of happiness for you both πŸ™‚

    1. aw thanks Vix πŸ™‚ Kiss to Jared πŸ™‚

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