Hygienix Germ Killer Skin Lover

Hygienix the #GermKillerSkinLover Sale on Shopee May 24th!

We have been in quarantine for so long and I’m sure you have been continuously using alcohol, hand sanitizer, hand spray, germicidal soap, etc., and do whatever you can to protect the whole family. But, you noticed that your skin is suffering from dryness. Well, here’s the good news! Hygienix has a line-up of germicidal products that can kill 99.99% of disease-causing germs plus it has a non-drying formula that leaves your skin soft and fragrantly smooth! No need to apply moisturizer anymore!

This May 24th, Hygienix is on sale at Shopee and this will make your life easier because you don’t have to go out to the grocery to replenish your alcohol stocks. Plus, since the products will be on sale, you will save money, time, and no huge effort at all!

Hygienix Germ-Kill Alcohol (Hand Sanitizer, with Moisturizer, Anti-Bacterial Solution, and Anti-Bacterial Wipes)

Hygienix Germ Killer Skin Lover

Hygienix Germ-Kill Alcohol with Moisturizer

Hygienix alcohol can protect you from germ-killing bacteria and viruses and it can also help your skin to be soft and smooth. Dryness is no longer a concern even if you apply it several times a day.

The Moisture-balance Formula is packed with Vitamin E to ward off free radicals and AGENEN that act as a mild skin barrier preventing further moisture loss and it helps the skin’s natural moisture level.

It comes in 250mL, 500mL, and 1L which you can find below:

Hygienix Germ-Kill Alcohol with Moisturizer 1 Liter with pump
Hygienix Germ Kill Alcohol with Moisturizer 500mL
Hygienix Germ Kill Alcohol with Moisturizer 250mL

Hygienix 70% Anti-Bacterial Solution

If you are an O.C. like me, you must be disinfecting every single day. This Anti-Bacterial Solution is perfect and an effective buddy for all-around cleaning and disinfecting.

You have two options – Ethyl or Isopropyl, both are effective in killing 99.99% of germs and disease-causing

Buy it here:
β€’ Comes in 100ml, 500ml, 1L, and 1 Gallon SKUs (Ethyl)
β€’ Comes in 1L and 1 Gallon SKUs (Isopropyl)

Hygienix Germ-Kill Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Sometimes, I can’t wash my hands coz I’ve been typing on the computer for hours. Alcohol or a hand sanitizer may be used but when I’m about to eat, I always use wipes. Of course, you can’t just use any wipes to sanitize or disinfect your hands prior to eating, so it’s great that Hygienix also has anti-bacterial wipes. It’s also perfect for cleaning hands if you used them for eating πŸ™‚

Buy it here: Hygienix Germ Kill Wipes with Tea Tree Oil 20 sheets Set of 3

Hygienix Germ Killer Skin Lover

Hygienix Germ-Kill Body Wash

The above are new products to try for me except for the bar soap. It’s great that the brand now has the Body Wash because it means that the whole body will be protected too and not just the hands. It can be used every day because of its non-drying formula and it will also help in keeping skin soft and fragrantly smooth!

It’s not just a regular body wash because it has:

  • Lemon extracts (for radiant & refreshed skin)
  • Peppermint extracts and Menthol Crystal (for revitalized & invigorated skin)
  • Sakura extracts (nourished & rejuvenated skin)

You can check the variants here:
Citrus Blast, Mega Menthol

Hygienix Germ-Kill Hand Wash

I’m so fond of hand wash products because, unlike soap, you just pump and off to wash your hands. No direct contact with the product thus no contamination. Well, just don’t forget to wipe clean the top of the bottle where you press so as not to spread germs.

Hygienix has three variants: Lemongrass Wham, Apple Kapow, Sea Salt Smash in 250ml pump bottle
You can check them here – Hygienix Hand Wash

Hygienix Germicidal Soap

I always buy this germicidal soap or the one in the sachet whenever I do grocery runs. I love that it’s non-drying too and has a long-lasting scent.

You can check the variants here: Hygienix Bar Soap

Hygienix Germ Killer Skin Lover

I’ve been using Hygienix since 2017 and had an actual encounter with #GermDugo sent by the vicious #Germperor so when I say that Hygienix together with the #ShowerRangers is helping me #FightWorldGermination, it’s true and it’s effective!

I’m sure you want to try Hygienix, the #GermKillerSkinLover, so head on to the official Shopee store here – https://shp.ee/ympgcf6 and get the best deals and discounts the sale on May 24th!

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  1. yanpaladquisol17 says:

    Maganda ito 2 in 1 na antibacterial at moisturizer. Add to cart at checkout na habang naka sale πŸ’

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    Ang galing naman nang Hygienix Products nato. Bukod sa Germs killer na, pwede pang maging smooth ang maganda ang ating skin.. Bongga naman..

  3. Laarni Tarray says:

    Must have, isa to sa mga kailangan natin sa araw-araw.. I want to try Hygienix Products

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