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I joined another community/link exchange group called The Bloggers Exchange. It’s purpose is to gain backlinks from other members’ sites BUT, mind you that this isn’t those link farms that’s sole purpose is to just link and go. Though I said that the idea here is to gather backlinks, we have a higher aim, to meet and be friends with other bloggers.

The group is composed of 100 blogs, just for the first batch. More will be added as the program opens it’s doors next month. So, if you wish to be part of us and get to know the people behind the blogs, better stay tuned for it’s opening.

Here are the members’ blogs below. If you are a member, try and spend some time and visit our other sites. If you’re not, I’m sure you’d find something that would interest you, so click on a title and read on..

  • All About Her
  • An Autobiography In The Works
  • Anything Baguio
  • Bag Of Thoughts
  • Bee Mommy
  • Best Friends In Love
  • Bloggityboop
  • Bonz World
  • Daily Snippets
  • Dashing Shopper
  • Dashing Smiles
  • Dishes By Pehpot
  • Down Home With The Kenyons
  • E! Fashion Talk
  • Earthly Mommy
  • Eat, Drink, Blog
  • Family & Life Online
  • Family & Home Living
  • FickleMinded
  • Food Trip Friday
  • Freebies Overload
  • God’s Precious Gifts
  • Health Is Treasure
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Hip ‘n Cool…I’ll always be…
  • In Pursuit Of Happiness
  • In The Company Of Me
  • Jen’s Joyful Life
  • Jennifferonline
  • Joys In Life
  • Just Love Blogging It
  • Kero’s Celebration
  • Kharlota dot Com
  • Kitchen, The Heart Of Our Home
  • Life Is Good & Beautiful
  • Little Miss Blogger
  • Little World Of Fun
  • Little Zoie’s Steps
  • Live Love Pink
  • Make Money Online
  • Make Or Break
  • Mary Anne’s Musings
  • Mixed Bag
  • Mom Fashionista
  • Mom’s Ups and Downs
  • Mumsified
  • My Camera Sexy
  • My Daily Sunset
  • My Fashion Sense
  • My Little Home
  • My Nipa Hut
  • My Web-Blog dot Com
  • Notepad Corner
  • Novice On Blogging
  • Oh! GoSh Goodies. . .
  • One Proud Momma
  • Peach And Things
  • Pig Out Sessions!
  • Pinay And Money
  • Pinay Green Mommy
  • Pinay Mommy Online
  • Pinay At Home Here
  • Pinay Wife Speaks
  • Pink Clash On Entertainment
  • Pink Stilettos
  • Pixel Minded
  • Postcards Crossing
  • Proud Mommy Of Three
  • Reviews Inc.
  • SAHM’s Notebook
  • Sam Finds
  • Sexy Blogging
  • Shy’s Mixed Thoughts
  • Small and Simple Things
  • Small Kids, Big Dreams
  • Smart Boys
  • Samut-Sari
  • Smart Mommy
  • The All-Around Mom
  • The Blogcoholic
  • The Current News Online
  • The Dias Family Spot
  • The Fotominded
  • The Miscellaneous Me
  • The Pinoy Biggest Loser
  • The Smart Shopper
  • The Wifey Diaries
  • This Is My Life
  • Thoughts Of A Pinay SAHM
  • Thoughts Online
  • Topics On Earth
  • Travel Junkie Mommy
  • Travels And Exploration
  • Tricks Of Magician
  • Twinsanity
  • Unfiltered Musings
  • Viva Pinay
  • We Ate This!
  • Yami’s Kitchen
  • Zoie’s Mom Blogging

Note: To bloggers listed here, just comment if you see something wrong with your links 🙂

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