Cleaning Up the 2010 Mess

We’re on the 3rd day of the new year 2011 and it’s time to clean up the mess in all blogs. Cleaning up means taking down what’s not important and not so important anymore. Been observing lately and the speed load was much slower than before… and I don’t like that.. gotta do something so visitors won’t have to wait more than 10 seconds..

It will take time because blogging is not the only thing I do online. I am a full time Virtual Assistant and lots of sideline jobs too.. But I’d do my best.. I hope,lol..

I have so many things in store for you in all my blogs this 2011. Plus I have 3 more blogs to set up this first quarter. So keep coming back.

By the way, for those who are new here, here are my other 2 blogs that you might wanna visit:

Make Money Online and everything beyond ( All about making money online and general topics)

Samut-Sari ( Soon to be a fashion/online/general topics blog)

So with that said, lemme end this post so I can start “the take down”.. Hope y’all had a blast (in a not harmful way) last New Year’s Eve/day!

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  1. Cleaning Up the 2010 Mess

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