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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most crucial methods being used today by companies to attract people to their websites. In a nutshell, SEO is basically an attempt to get a specific website listed at or close to the top of the ranking of searches that people perform on Google. Why is this so vitally important? The simple fact is that SEO, when implemented properly, has been proven to dramatically increase the amount of traffic to certain websites. It does not take a genius to figure out that more traffic equals more sales and more profit. Therefore, online business owners usually take SEO very seriously. Here are some reasons to help explain the importance of search engine optimization.

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1. Top ranked sites succeed

The goal of eCommerce search engine optimization is to get a website listed in the coveted top 20 of the Google search rankings. The reason for this is very simple. When you search for a specific topic on Google or a different search engine, you will be presented with a long list of websites that pertain to the item you are searching for. Depending on what the item is, you could be presented with literally thousands of search results. Obviously, you are only going to be clicking on a very tiny number of these results. Most likely, you will restrict your browsing to the websites that are listed in the top 20 of the search results for two reasons. First, these sites are the greatest match to your search item. Also, most people simply do not want to spend time scrolling through endless search results. This means that if you sell lawnmowers and your website is ranked lower than 20th in the search rankings for that item, there is a good chance you will be ignored by potential customers. Therefore, the goal is to bump up your position in the search rankings.

2. SEO helps to promote a growing brand

When you are first staring an online business, it can be very difficult to attract new customers and let the public know that your company exists. There is so much competition out there that just getting noticed can be an uphill battle. If you hire the right SEO company, they will be able to get your website ranked higher. This will cause your business to be exposed to a larger amount of people, increasing your level of brand recognition. This can help to create loyal customers that will help to sustain your business for many years to come.

3. How does SEO work?

Basically, SEO involves the strategic placing of certain keywords on your website. The keywords that are selected are very important because they will be detected by search algorithms that are used by Google. The keywords found on your site, as well as the frequency in which they are used, will determine the ranking of your site. Google is constantly changing the algorithms they use, so an experienced SEO company will be needed to determine how to best use these keywords.

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