First BookSneeze Book

The mailman dropped me a card from the Post Office a few weeks ago. I looked and was puzzled because it said I have a parcel. I wondered who could have sent me that? So, that same day, I hurriedly went to our local Post office to end speculations that it involved any monetary gifts from some secret admirer,lol….

One Proud Momma

When I got there, there was a not so long line of people trying to get their own parcels.I waited and waited and waited for my turn, patiently, because the lady over the counter moves oh so slow.

When finally it’s my turn, at last, the suspense was over when she opened my parcel and took out a book from BookSneeze. Now, I didn’t pay a single cent for this. I joined BookSneeze because I was a bookworm but when the internet took over my life, I hadn’t had a chance to read and finish up on a book series I started about 2 years ago,lol..


I almost forgot about this book because of work overload,lol. Now, I need to review it and renew my love in reading. I actually have boxes of old paperbacks and hard bound books in the storage. I started collecting my fave books since high school and believe me, I even paid for hard to find books. I still have plenty of unread books and I plan to read them when I get the chance to go on a vacation this December.


Thanks BookSneeze! I review for BookSneeze

How about you, do you love to read? What are your fave books so far?

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  1. That’s interesting book to read…

    1. OO nga. I hope I’ll be able to start soon,lol.. Thanks sis 🙂

  2. welcome to Booksneeze sis!

    1. Thanks Gee. You actually introduced me to BookSneeze,hehehe..

  3. Billionaire? | Become an e-Billionaire! says:

    […] First BookSneeze Book | One Proud Momma […]

  4. I have also received my first book from Booksneeze but have yet to post a review. Before the month ends…I hope

    1. Me too. I guess, I need to start reading it,lol.. Thanks sis:)

  5. Happy reading! You didn’t have to pay anything? I had to pay P40 for the customs.

    1. Aww. I paid P45 for the parcel.. Hehe, I forgot to mention that. Thanks 🙂

  6. Wow. I wonder when I would make that trip to the post office to get my first book from booksneeze. They emailed me last month because they said it was returned to them because of a wrong address but I actually gave them the right address. Now, they’re sending it back.

  7. zh3en22 says:

    wahhh… I paid Php60.00 for the parcel too… hmmm, just wonderin where the money goes…

  8. archie says:

    booksneeze rocks! i love booksneeze…

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