BC Bloggers 4 Now Open!

Sweety Paula

At last, it’s open! Many bloggers I know eagerly awaited the opening of BC Bloggers 4. A lot of new blogs created since BC Bloggers 3 were closed. Now, we can all join and add as many blogs as we can.

But before you can do that, of course you need to do the necessary requirements to be approved. Check out these simple things to do:

  1. Make a post about BC Bloggers 4 so as to spread the news
  2. Put the BC Bloggers badge on your sidebar
  3. Make a page dedicated for BC Bloggers (this is where you will put the links of other bloggers who joined BCB4)
  4. Fill up application form

and that’s it! Deadline is on August 12, so hurry up!

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  1. BC Bloggers 4 Now Open!

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