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Celebrating A Happy Marriage, A Happy Family..

My hubby and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary last July 28th. We have been together for 9 years now and blessed with two God fearing and intelligent kids. We have gone through many ordeals but happy memories outweighs the bad stages in our lives.

I could say that God has been so good to me for giving me a partner who truly loves me inside and out. “INSIDE” meaning, he has seen the worst and the best of me. I sometimes can compare myself with Mr. Hyde (alter ego of Dr. Jekyl, if you know the story,lol ), most especially when I have PMS or severe migraine. And yet, he loves me still… “OUT” meaning physically. I once weighed 180lbs, clothes didn’t fit me, cellulite bursting everywhere, humps on my tummy bulging, double chin and big fat ass that cannot be hidden.. And yet, he still loved me and saw me sexier than ever,lol.

I feel so blessed! All I ever wanted was to have a complete happy family and a happy marriage, and God answered my prayers by giving me a very loving and faithful hubby and two smart and handsome boys, though a baby girl would make us happier. Of course, there will always be a downside in every relationship and family life, but, after all we’ve been through, we have been tested time and again and we know that we will get past whatever new trials will come our way.

In celebrating the additional year in our marriage, the whole family, relatives included, had a sumptuous lunch in a fave restaurant. Though we had a lavish feast, my husband and I only spent P1000 or about $22. We decided to celebrate it together with my sister’s birthday. Since her kids ( all working and gets paid decently) want to give her a birthday bash coz she’s already in her 50’s, we just chipped in with the expenses. The bill was almost P5000 or about $110 divided to 5 ( coz she has 4 kids).

We usually don’t spend a thousand pesos in our past anniversaries. Usually it was just a quiet dinner in a not so expensive resto (with the kids), a visit to a place we have never gone before (again with the kids) or just exchanging gifts. But this affair is very special. This time we get to spend it with my 75 year old dad. It’s very rare now that we get to see him because he lives in another city. Besides, this was a wedding anniversary, birthday and sort of a reunion for the whole family.

Celebrating special occasions with your family are cherished moments. Gives you that certain feeling while saying, “It’s good to be alive and being loved!”

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  1. Celebrating A Happy Marriage, A Happy Family..

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  3. Awww. I love the inside and out stories. My partner Mai also knows and loves me inside and out. We’re not perfect and we’re struggling right now, actually. She’s now in Cebu for a “vacation”. We just needed a break ’cause we’re always together. Just imagine, 2 women with PMS, together. Plus, we both have strong personalities. *sigh* I just wish that when the “vacation” is over, we’ll be a better couple.

    1. You just celebrated your 5th Anniv and you wouldn’t last that long if you both can’t/won’t give way.. Sometimes, being away for awhile and/or being missed will help keep the fire burning and keep the love alive 🙂

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