Red Ribbon's ALL-NEW Rainbow Dedication Cake
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Red Ribbon’s ALL-NEW Rainbow Dedication Cake

For kids, birthdays are celebrations that create special childhood memories they’ll cherish as they grow up. Each birthday isn’t complete without gifts, excited party guests, and a delicious cake on the table. Cakes are the highlight of any kid’s birthday, giving them a sweet reminder of their special day.

Seeing kids experience happiness during these moments is a fulfilling moment for parents, giving both of them memories that last a lifetime.

The best of both worlds

Kids love colorful parties and chocolate-rich cakes. This is why you want to give kids a celebration to remember with the help of Red Ribbon’s all-new Rainbow Dedication Cake!

Looking to splash more color into your birthday celebrations? The Rainbow Dedication Cake offers a new and improved design, with rainbow icing and lollipops on top to give the cake its signature party look. Cutting each slice reveals even more rainbow colors, as the soft chiffon has blue, pink, and green colors that will surely brighten up any party. This ensures that you experience rainbow goodness inside and out!

Red Ribbon's ALL-NEW Rainbow Dedication Cake

When it comes to chocolate-rich goodness, the Rainbow Dedication Cake also delivers. Kids will surely love the rich chocolate icing around the cake, and each layer of chiffon has even more chocolate inside. This makes each bite a wonderful treat that kids will keep coming back for more.

With this combination of colorful rainbow and chocolate goodness all in one cake, it definitely is the best of both worlds that makes each birthday feel more special each year!

Go to your nearest Red Ribbon store and try the ALL-NEW Rainbow Dedication Cake! Price starts at Php 520. You can also order it via the delivery website, the Red Ribbon app, the delivery hotline at #87777, or Grab Food and Foodpanda.

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