Filipinos are More Connected to their Mothers than in U.S. and Australia, New Study Reveals

A recent survey shows that more than 93% of Filipinos speak to their mom at least monthly, and as such, report knowing more details about their mother’s favorite things than respondents in the United States and Australia.

As Mother’s Day approaches, WorldRemit, a leading digital payments company, spoke to 3,000 customers across the Philippines, Australia, and the United States to understand the relationships they have with their mother figures. The data shows that the overwhelming majority of Filipinos are more connected to their mothers than the survey average. 

As 77% see their mother on a monthly basis, people reported knowing their mom quite well, including her favorite hobby (91%), way to treat herself (92%), flower (77%), singer (79%), and movie (70%). 

When the pandemic hit, the way that people parent changed quickly. In the first year of the pandemic, women reported spending an average of 30+ hours per week solely on child care, perpetuated by the ongoing restrictions set by COVID-19. 

Beyond knowing mom’s favorites, WorldRemit asked the participants the last time they acted on this knowledge across a number of categories. 

  • 49% of Filipinos have sent their mother a gift in the last month, similar to the 46% of Americans who reported doing so, but 8% more than Australian respondents (41%)
  • 70% have participated in their mom’s favorite hobby in the past month, compared to 31% (Australia) and 39% (United States) in the same period
  • 69% have given or sent a mom’s favorite treat in the past month, compared to 37% of Australians and 49% of Americans
  • 40% have sent their mother flowers in the past month, a significant difference compared to 26% of Americans and 17% of Australians in the same time period. 
  • 68% have sat down with their mother to listen to her favorite musician in the last month. Interestingly, almost half of Filipinos (47%) have done this in the past week compared to 27% of Americans and 11% of Australians in the same time period. 

“In the Philippines, Mother’s Day is an appropriate time to show our appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and care our moms constantly provide,” said Earl Melivo, Country Director (Philippines). “At WorldRemit, we know people can’t always be in the same place as their loved ones, and we work to make it easy for those living overseas to return the care and safely send money back home with ease.”

Mothers work tirelessly to provide a healthy, happy upbringing to their children – no matter what age they are. They know all the favorites, the fears, and more. While we’d never be able to return the care to mum in a way that truly shows how much we appreciate what they do for us, WorldRemit encourages everyone to make sure mum is taken care of this holiday season.


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