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Learning about the Culinary World through Online Food and Cooking Games for Kids

Dining out with family and friends is one thing that we all really miss during this pandemic. We all have the restaurant favorites that we used to think we could not live without. It’s a good thing that many restaurants still have take-out and delivery services and we can still enjoy resto food in the safety of our own homes. 

Sadly though, many establishments have had to close shop. Many in the hospitality industry have lost their jobs and are no longer able to augment their minimum wage salaries with generous tips from patrons. It would be interesting and educational for our kids to find out how things work in the culinary world through online food and cooking games for kids.

In the Kitchen

Some of the simplest and more popular culinary games online are those where kids or players have to whip up dishes in their own kitchen stations. Ingredients are lined up and players have to pick them out in sequence while following a recipe in preparing the food. 

Some games can be timed while others just require players to serve up a list of plated dishes. Try Bunnikula’s Kaotic Kitchen and Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake and check out the many recipes that you can cook. 

Working the Floor

Here’s another popular type of online food and cooking games for kids where players are supposed to seat and serve guests. These games are more exciting and go from slow to fast-paced as players level up in the game. In games like Open Restaurant, Coffee Shop, and Penguin Cafe, kids play as waiters serving up orders from customers on the floor. 

It could be quite stressful – as it is in real life – when orders pile up and customers become increasingly impatient. Yet, kids learn the value of having patience and keeping cool to manage the customers and to earn good tips. Players also get a glimpse of how it is to run a business in the hospitality world. 

Staying Fit and Healthy

Online culinary games are great for instilling consciousness about healthy eating among kids. Can I Eat It and Fast Food Combat are entertaining ways to teach kids about good food and bad food? Fitness Food Run is similar to Fast Food Combat although it requires a little bit more motor coordination and dexterity. These games have health meters that fill up when they eat right or get depleted when they become sluggish and heavy from eating unhealthy food.  

It’s also good to supplement these educational games by showing kids online tools that can serve as their own health meters. Some of the most useful tools available are weight loss calculators, body fat calculators, and workout calorie counters. 

Food is Fun
Although kids are always taught not to play with their food, we can actually have a lot of fun with food. Online games and tools are fun ways to teach kids about how to eat right and stay healthy. They also give kids an idea about how it is to work and earn a living in the culinary and hospitality industry. In a way, online food and cooking games for kids also help kids appreciate the people who make it possible for them to have such gustatory treats to savor whether served up in restaurants or delivered to their homes. 

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