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Colourette Velvetints are Back in Stock with New Shades! #VeryVelvet

How many lipsticks does a girl need? A girl can never have too many lippies! It’s one of the rules and I don’t think it’s crazy πŸ™‚ I have many and I wear a shade based on my current mood and attire for the day. I sometimes blend when I’m feeling bold or want my lips eye-catching, lol. With the news that Colourette Velvetints are back in stock on Shopee and with 9 new shades, I am definitely thrilled!

For those who haven’t heard about or tried Colourette Velvetints yet, “it’s an intensely pigmented formula which dries down from velvet to powder matte finish”. It can be used for the eyes, cheeks, and lips, so you don’t have to carry a separate lipstick, eyeshadow or blush. It’s a 3-in-1 makeup that you will surely love!

The Colourette Velvetint Vault consists of 12 lovely shades namely:

Colourette Velvetints Vault
Velvetints at Php 349 each
Colourette Velvetint Vault with all 12 shades at Php 3,499
After Party – nude brown
Birthday Cake – rosy brown
Bubbly – warm pink –
Confetti – true red –
Debutante – wineberry –
Plus One – brick orange –
Pregame – mauve brown –
Rose – nude pink –
RSVP – candy red –
SoirΓ©e – strawberry red –
Stiletto – rich maroon –
Toast – cinnamon-brown

Those outside the Colourette Velvetint Vault are the 3 original shades – RSVP, Rose, and Birthday Cake. I used to have the Birthday Cake tint and I loved how the rosy brown combo helped my face looked livelier hahaha. It was a cult favorite! And it made my bag lighter coz I only had to bring 1 product good for my lips, cheeks, and eyes LOL

Colourette Velvetints RSVP, Rose, and Birthday Cake
3 original shades – RSVP, Rose, and Birthday Cake

Now, there’s just too many to try and I’m totally nuts about the new shades! Oh, those new are the ones left inside the Vault.

I like the transition from velvety to powdery matte coz straight matte lippies doesn’t work well on my lips, it gives me aΒ cakeyΒ look even though I just exfoliated thus supposed to have a smooth canvas.

Anyways, I haven’t tried all the Colourette Velvetints yet but settled for the obvious fave shades for an initial review. I’ll post a photo of each one on my social media pages soon so you will have an idea of how it looks.

The First 3 that I tested based on the shades that I think might suit me is Bubbly, Pregame, and SoirΓ©e. Obviously, I like SoirΓ©e more coz though it says “strawberry red”, it’s not that shockingly red, just right for any attire and occasion.

Colourette Velvetints Soiree, Pregame and Bubbly

I’m right in choosing Bubbly and Pregame too, because they’re just the colors that I like, Earthy and warm. I could be a bit creative and use Bubbly on my lips for that “au naturel” (nude) look, Soiree for a bit of flushed cheeks and Pregame as eye shadows to make my eyes look livelier and more open.

So excited to test the other shades but I’m kinda worried on the dark red ones, hahaha, those usually make me look like a vamp LOL. Good thing is that there’s no pink as in loud pink, baby pink or just pink. That color doesn’t really suit me hahaha. The pinks on this Colourette Velvetint Vault are in combo with either nude or brown, so that’s okay for me.

But, lemme warn you that I’m acidic so, the velvetints once on my lips may change shades. Hopefully not that much coz as far as I can tell, my initial 3 swatches are I think the same as those in the tubes.

Ok, so if you’re convinced that you wanna try the Colourette Velvetints, all shades are in stock on Shopee at You can get 3% off if you buy any 2 lippies. But don’t take too long coz they sell out fast!

For updates and promos, check out Colourette Cosmetics on Facebook at and on Instagram.

Don’t forget to downloadΒ the ShopeeΒ app for free from the App Store or Google Play!

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