Erin's Sulit Ulam Meals Sinigang na Bangus
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Affordable Erin’s Sulit Ulam Meals

Food deliveries are currently thriving amid the pandemic. Most people are still scared of the virus thus remaining at home. For those who doesn’t even want to go to the groceries or markets are resorting to deliveries. Good thing, a lot of small entrepreneurs started food businesses, delivering home cooked meals, frozen or fresh meats and seafood, fruits and desserts. Online groups sprouted like mushrooms selling off whatever they can to survive.

Restaurants especially those which offer buffets are also greatly affected coz dine-in is not yet allowed or has been restricted. In order not to shut down or close eventually, most are now offering food deliveries. It’s a great idea actually and a win-win coz the business will somehow survive and those who are staying at home can have tons of options to order from.

Take the case of Erin’s Place Restaurant based in Taguig. A lot of people are now enjoying #LutongBahay especially cooked by Chef Nanay. Their meals are so affordable, lots of servings, and not commercialized.

My whole family was fortunate to get a taste of their specials and best-sellers na #LutoNiChefNanay. Erin’s Sulit Ulam meals, the food are truly delicious and affordable!

Erin's Place Restaurant Beef Caldereta
Beef Caldereta P 250

Been craving for Beef Caldereta for weeks and the grocery near me always runs out of the proper beef cuts whenever I go there. So, when I got this Sulit Ulam Meal I was overjoyed, really, hahahaha

Most of the time, restaurants will include “litid” or tendon when you order this dish. We got pure chuck meat and I wasn’t disappointed coz it’s tender so the kids enjoyed it, too!

Erin's Sulit Ulam Meals Sinigang na Bangus
Sinigang na Bangus P 385

It’s a huge serving and for that price, this Sinigang na Bangus is a winner! It’s also boneless, so Zee, who loves anything sinigang had 3 rounds, lol. I got most of the “tyan ng bangus” coz that’s the only thing that I eat hehehe

Erin's Sulit Ulam Meals Crispy Pata
Crispy Pata P 350

We let the boys consume most of this Crispy Pata well, since they’re still young hahahaha.. I controlled myself and really had to stay away though I don’t have any heart condition hahahaha

Hubby grabbed a small portion and enjoyed that heavenly crisp balat and then got guilty hahaha.. It was good while it lasted then the boys took it all away πŸ™‚

Erin's Sulit Ulam Meals Pork Humba
Pork Humba P 240

At first glance, this Pork Humba looked like a regular adobo. Once you get a taste of the “sabaw”, you’ll be able to distinguish the difference.

Again, in other restaurants, you’ll get more fat than real meat and not tender. I actually enjoyed it, though I’m not a Humba fan.

Erin's Sulit Ulam Meals Pinakbet
Pinakbet P 270

This Pinakbet is quite different from what I usually cook but the “pakbet” taste was there and honestly, even tastier than my version. Surely, Chef Nanay added something here that I can’t pinpoint hahaha

The above Erin’s Sulit Ulam meals are so affordable and what’s best is that it’s like Lutong Bahay. Not commercialized at all coz I think the servings can be good for at least 2-3 persons.

You’ll get that feeling na it’s cooked with love and Alaga ka ni Chef Nanay. Something that’s probably most of the food deliveries are missing coz you know, it’s business. Food at Erin’s Place Restaurant are purely Luto Ni Chef Nanay so you can rest assure that all meals are fresh and “home cooked”!

Erin’s Place Restaurant is located in Taguig and can deliver within the city, and in Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Pateros, ParaΓ±aque, Pasay, Las Pinas areas. They also have one in Tagaytay.

To know more about or to order at Erin’s Place Restaurant, please LIKE it on Facebook – and on Instagram at

I’d like you to get a taste of my new discovery, so I’m having a Facebook Giveaway! Yay!

One reader/fan will enjoy select Erin’s Sulit Ulam meals by Chef Nanay and will be delivered to his/her home.

Check out HERE if you wish to join! Good luck!

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