Invest in a Nebulizer!

My little one has cough and colds for a few days now. Good thing he didn’t have a fever since this started or my hubby and I would surely be spending sleepless nights. It’s hard when your kids are sick, more so if they have high grade fever. Makes you think of so many awful and bad things that could happen. So glad that he’s already 3 years old and can tell us if something’s wrong or hurting.

We bought a nebulizer a few years ago when we discovered that our eldest son has mild asthma. It helps a lot when the kids have cough due to viral infections or asthma is kicking in. Every household must have one especially if you have kids. This lessens the trip to the doctor or avoid being hospitalized because of complications.


We always start nebulizing on the onset of cough plus Loviscol or Ascof is a must. But of course, we use different cough medicines, so if your pediatrician prescribed a different one, it must be good too. We make the kids drink plenty of fluids and eat fruits. Also, we don’t give them sweets and cold drinks so as not to make the cough worst which could turn to Tonsilitis.

At first, my baby didn’t like the idea of the smoke coming out from the nebulizer. But eventually, he got the hang of it and really enjoyed what he’s doing and guess what, when the solution was all consumed and evaporated, he asked for more!

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The next day we made him try the pedia mask because that’s more effective than the other one. There were some fuss but in the end he liked it too.

When your kids have cough or colds, what do you give them? What else do you do to make them feel better?

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  1. My child is a severe asthma patient. Using some nebulizers could bring her wheezing under control for a brief period of time, but i am still finding solutions to cure her of her Asthma.

  2. Nebulisers says:

    Its sometimes useful to make it into a game where using the nebuliser is seen as fun for the little one. Rewards for using it in the early days can pay divdends in the long run.

    Hot baths with lots of steam work a treat for easing a coughing fit.

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