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Great Steals and Deals for the Grand Launch of SPAM on Shopee this April 24!

Grocery day isn’t complete without cans of SPAM in the cart. There was a period during this pandemic when SPAM of any variant was always sold out, be it in the grocery or online. Why? Because SPAM is considered beloved comfort food by many and you bet a can or cans be seen in most cupboards 🙂

Now, there are tons of stocks, yey! Maybe not because few are buying it but maybe the manufacturer realized that SPAM is a staple in any kitchen and have produced oh so many hehehe

SPAM Luncheon Meat

Today, no need to go to the grocery to get your SPAM® Luncheon Meat fix. Great steals and deals for the Grand Launch of SPAM® PH on Shopee this April 24!

A little something about SPAM:
SPAM® Luncheon Meat is a global favorite. It’s an American Brand that prides itself on its premium and quality taste known across the world. Did you know that about 12.8 cans of SPAM® Luncheon Meat are eaten every second around the world? It has 3 variants – SPAM® Classic, SPAM® Lite, and SPAM® Less Sodium.

SPAM® Luncheon Meat – the Classic taste of Luncheon Meat we know and love

SPAM Luncheon Meat 1

My family’s all-time favorite, SPAM Classic! I always make it a point to have SPAM stocks because whenever the kids crave for it, I cook hahaha. They love it with rice, bread and yes, even as pizza toppings! I actually baked a pizza today because they kept on badgering me and so I caved in hahaha

Since it’s a rush request (lol), all I had was the ready-made dough and a lot of cheese and the SPAM luncheon meat completed the oh so yummy SPAM and cheese pizza!

SPAM and cheese homemade pizza

Get SPAM Classic Luncheon Meat here –

SPAM® Lite – Heavy on the flavor, light on the other stuff. This variety offers the deliciousness of SPAM® Classic with 40% less calories and 50% less fat, which means you can enjoy the taste you love more often.

If you are craving for SPAM but worried about your diet, then this is for you! When this variant came out, it has become my favorite and hubby’s but is always out of stock in the groceries. Perhaps a lot more people are enjoying this more! You should, too!


Get SPAM LITE on Shopee here –

SPAM® Less Sodium – Having to cut back on sodium can take a lot of tasty things out of the equation. Fortunately, SPAM® Less Sodium is not one of those things. It provides the same delicious SPAM® Classic flavor with 25% less sodium. There’s no sacrifice with this meat treat!

You actually won’t notice that this variant has lesser sodium than the original because for me, it tastes the same! Your kids won’t even notice, too hehehe

SPAM Less Sodium

With its easy to open can, you can enjoy any SPAM variant whenever you want to! You don’t need a can opener and my boys can effortlessly open it! When they crave, they either eat as is, cook and match with sinangag and egg, as palaman in their sandwiches, or whatever they can think of. You can find tons of recipes in the SPAM website and try it!

get SPAM Less Sodium on Shopee here –

Here are the deals to look forward to on SPAM®’s Grand Launch on Shopee:

  • Up to 17% off on SPAM® products on the SPAM® Brand Official Store on Shopee Mall
  • Free US branded merch awaits shoppers on April 24 (SPAM powerbank, SPAM Slicer, SPAM Slippers, and SPAM T-shirt)

It’s more convenient shopping on Shopee and now that SPAM has its official store, it will be a lot easier to buy and with great savings! So, get your SPAM® fix at exciting deals and discounts this April 24, only on Shopee here –

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