DG Goat Milk for Kids

DG Goat Milk – First Powdered Goat’s Milk in the Philippines

I’ve first heard about goat’s milk when my kids were still young and a relative brought home a can from abroad. I didn’t give it to my kids, well because it’s simply not the usual milk, not yet available in the country and for lack of more detailed health information. Alas! There’s one now that’s available and parents have the means to do extensive research before trying it out. Let’s welcome a healthy alternative – DG Goat Milk Beverage for Kids!

DG Goat Milk is for kids 3 years old and above. It can be given as a daily source of calcium, minerals, and vitamins, added to shakes and other beverages, as the milk ingredient for kiddie desserts and more. You can even add it to ice cream!

About DG Goat Milk

It’s the first and only Premium Powdered Milk sourced from Goat’s Milk in the Philippines! The brand was recently launched and attended by pediatricians and some people from the New Zealand Embassy, as well as the principal office of Pacific Healthcare from Thailand.

DG Goat Milk Product Launch

Produced and imported from the Dairy Goat Co-operative in Hamilton, New Zealand, DG Goat Milk Beverage for Kids offers powdered goat milk of the highest quality. DG Goat Milk is made responsibly with the process of converting pure goat milk into a safe, exceptional powdered milk beverage is a gentle, and minimal one; the minimal processing results in a product closer to its natural source! Furthermore, it’s only the healthiest Saanen goats from New Zealand to ensure having the milk of the highest quality.

Benefits of DG Goat Milk

DG Goat Milk Beverage for Kids (aged 3 years old and above) is:

1. Naturally More Complete

Goats produce their milk through Apocrine Secretion, where milk fat and bioactive components in mammary secretory cells are enveloped by cell membranes as they are secreted. As a result, milk produced by goats has naturally occurring bioactive components such as:

Polyamines for intestinal cell growth and digestive capacity development.
Nucleotides for gastrointestinal health, maturation, and recovery.
Free Amino Acids and Glutamic Acid for immunity and gut energy.
Taurine for bile salt formation (necessary for fat digestion), brain and retina development.
Growth Factors such as IGF1 and TGF Beta for immunity and growth development.

Extensive and complicated fortification for these nutrients is no longer necessary!

2. Easier to Digest

Casein, the solid part of the milk protein produces curds in our stomach. Compared to milk sourced from other animals, DG produces a very loose curd structure with a high proportion of water that is easily broken apart, thus facilitating easier digestion of milk proteins.

3. Less Allergenic

β-Lactoglobulin is the whey protein that stimulates milk protein allergies. Compared with milk from other animals, DG has the lowest levels of β-Lactoglobulin; thus making it less allergenic for us! Dairy Goat is undoubtedly the premium goat milk brand perfect for your child!

4.) With more CPP!

Casein Phosphopeptides (CPP) binds more minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

Thereby, increasing the solubility and absorption of these minerals. This component is higher in DG, which can help your children grow healthy and strong!

Now that you have read the information about DG Goat Milk and want to try this product for your kids, you can avail it via Shopee here and Lazada here for P1,299.

For more info, LIKE Dairy Goat Philippines on Facebook, FOLLOW Dairy Goat PH on Instagram, and its website on https://www.dairygoatph.com/

DG Goat Milk Giveaway!

DG Goat Milk Giveaway

One lucky reader/fan will win this DG Goat Milk Gift Set to try!
Head on to Facebook at One Proud Momma for the mechanics! Good luck!

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  1. Lucelle Guimal says:

    I would love to try DG Goat milk lalo na ng mga kids ko po .. I have 6 and 3 yrs old children..

  2. Aiza Gregorio says:

    Wow excited to try this milk. For my kids and my fam.. Momshie interesting dahil ang ganda ng bemefit sa ating katawan.

  3. Aiza Gregorio says:

    I want to win mamu. Para po sa mga anak ko speciallysa pangalawa kong anak. Na kulang po sa tumbang dahil sa pihikan po siya sa pagkain. Natuwa ako moms sa reviewniyo po dahil daming magandang benefitsang makukuha sa milk na ito at pwede pa siya itempla or ilagay sa ibang dessert. Thanks po for sahring this. godbless

  4. Pree Ty Sya says:

    Wow.interesting to mamu !very healthy

  5. Want to try it because its new to my ears and it looks so yummy and also it has a lot of advantages 😍😍

  6. Kristel Yamzon-Oliva says:

    I want to try the DG Goat Milk because after reading this I am now aware that Goat’s Milk is better than Cow’s milk. DG Goat Milk is easier to digest than the Cow’s milk. And it has many nutrients such as Calcium that my kids need for bones development,magnesium,iron and zinc. And also less allergenic compare to cow’s milk.

    Hoping and praying to win this Proudmomma!🤗🤗🤗😍💖

    1. korek ka jan sa mga health benefits sis 🙂

  7. Rominna Remigio says:

    Wow hoping po makareceive din po ako Ng ganitong milk..gusto ko po masubukan eto Ng kids ko kasi mas mahaba po ang oras Ng paglalaro nila .di Napo sila natutulog Ng tanghali at mapili po sila sa pagkain dahilan Ng pagiging bugnutin nila. kaya Hindi po sapat ung sustansya na natatake nila araw araw kaya natuwa po ako dahil merong Ng newly improve na milk hoping po na mapili para sa kids ko..Thank youbin advance godbless

  8. Gusto ko masubukan ang goat milk dahil bago sya at na curious din ako maipatikim ito sa anak ko na 3years old grabe sobrang daming benefits pala na makukuha ng bata sa goat milk na ito kaya gustong gusto ko manalo nito para sa bunso ko at kung mahiyang sya at nagustuhan nya itutuloy tuloy ko ang painom ng bagong goat milk na sobra sobra ang sustansya. 🙏

    1. Madami syang sustansya and im sure magustuhan ng anak mo sis 🙂

  9. I want to try this DG goat milk, because I read many good feedback, . And also I know my kids love this taste…

    1. yes, sana magustuhan nya din 🙂

  10. christinne f pring says:

    i want also to win to try my 3 kids and godbless po advance happy holidays

  11. Rita Jonna Cielo says:

    I like to try.it if its good or not and also its healthy thats why i like to try

  12. christinne f pring says:

    wow i want also to win for my 3 kids puro po sila boys,lalo na ung pangalawa q medyo payat din po sana mtikman nila ito.thanks po and gobless

  13. Sharon cubos says:

    Hoping to win po gusto po try sa aking anak po. 4 years n din po ako full breastfeeding 🤱 ngyn po may bago akong baby caily. Pra si ate shanne nya po ma tian ang milk.

  14. Marie Fe Castillo says:

    Gusto ko po sya mapanalunan para sa 5yo daughter ko na mahirap painomin ng gatas at pihikan din po sa pagkain.

  15. Love Ko Toh says:

    I would like to try DG goat milk because i think this would be the best for my baby..

  16. Aidelyn Fajilan says:

    Wow! Nakaka excite! May bago na naman. GOAT MILK for real? Yey!! Super excited to try this one. Ang ganda ng review for sure my daughter will love this. Sobrang hilig niya magpapak ng MILK.😍 Hoping to win for her.❤❤

  17. Sarah Arikashikari says:

    Super Interested ako dito..ang dami ko nang nabasang blogs about thia and i think this product really worth a try 😊

  18. Lovely Dianne Villanueva says:

    I wanna try this, I think my baby would like this ❤️

  19. Melinda Lobio says:

    Huwwwaw new milk love it to try my kids para nmn mahiyang n ang bebe ko..im interesting sa new milk for goat❤️

  20. Queenie Mance says:

    Wow mamu gusto ko po ito matry para sa aming buong pamilya mataas ang calcium content nya na maganda sa buto at ngipin ng kids ko, pure Goat’s milk na puno ng benepisyo.

  21. rose anne baldo says:

    i want to try it because i want to know the good benefits of it and if its healthy and good ill give it to my kids…

  22. Reynalyn Recio says:

    Good Day po Momshie! Love to try DG Goat Milk for my daughter Kishi( 3years old) medyo petite sya… Ang dami po palang benefits at ang daming nutrients ng DG Goat Milk. Sana po matry namin, itong new product na ito. Thank you Momshie for being so generous. Merry Christmas po.💞🎄🧚🥰

    1. Pwede na sya kc 3 years old na and yes, madaming health benefits <3

  23. Aidelyn Fajilan says:

    Wow! Nakaka excite! May bago na naman. GOAT MILK for real? Yey!! Super excited to try this one. Ang ganda ng review for sure my daughter will love this. Sobrang hilig niya magpapak ng MILK.😍

  24. Momme joyce says:

    Sounds interesting, i want to try this milk, for my daughter who is picky eater, i am also looking for milk that is Suits best for her. Shes now 4 years old

  25. Love Compoc says:

    naka try narin ako ng goat’s milk sa probinsya pero bata pa ako nun , totoo nga sabi nutritious kaya excited to know the real taste of DG for my kids naman. Bet ko yang review na yan of the product.

    1. ay oo ako din nung minsan na nagvisit kami sa province ng friend ko. Pero mas keri ng tummy ko itong DG <3

  26. Jenilyn Elloran says:

    Loved to try DG Goat Milk.. bongga yung benefits niya.. Im sure magugustuhan to ng baby ko at pati narin ako😍

    1. yes, and pwede mo din syang ihalo sa desserts 🙂

  27. Anafe Compoc says:

    I love to win po para sa anak ko..bago to sakin..sa tingin ko masarap sya at full of nutrients, kaya gusto ko po ipasubok ko sa anak ko kasi need nya mag gain ng weight.

  28. Bernalyn Restrivera says:

    I want to try po lalo na at bago sya
    Para sa anak ko den po

  29. Diana Beatima says:

    I am raising my 3 years old grandson.. and I am looking for best milk for him because he is always constipated. The Nutrition facts looks promising based on your review.. Thank you!

  30. Emcel Fajardo says:

    Gusto ko ma try para sa akin mga anak dahil dami niya health benefits at ngayon ko lang nalaman mas maganda pala milk ito compare iba animals kaya para gusto ko rin dahil s health nutrient nito..

  31. Ma.eleonor placencia says:

    Gusto ko po ma try tong gatas natu mommy kc wla akong pina pa take na vitamins pra sa mga anak ko kc kapos kami sa pera , dalawa sila si bunso 3& 5 nmn c kuya 🤗 gusto ko din sana ma try din nila itong goats milk na to po mamu ❣😍
    at kung maswertehan na manalo mn ako nito , mas maganda po kc may vitamins na sya at calcium tsaka iron complete na at mas gusto ko to kc goats milk 🤗 😍

  32. Jaycelyn amul says:

    Gusto q po maitry ang DG Goat Milk sa aking mga anak na 5 and 6 yrs.old kc simula nung mbuntis ako s pngatlong anak q ay ngstop n cla uminom ng gatas ung pngalwa q prang ndla n uminom ng gatas kc s tuwing umiinom xa prang nssuka xa.kya mdlas ang pnptimpla s akin ay kape..kya sna mbgyn aq ng opportunity n maitry s knila ang DG Goat Milk.thnk you and Godbless😘

    1. OMG, bawala pa ang kape sa ganyan age 🙁 Sana ma-try nyo din 🙂

  33. Vicente Pahati Jr. says:

    Looking forward to try this one , because goat’s milk are best for skin and body too.

  34. Vicente Pahati Jr. says:

    I want to try it with my family because DG is more complete as milk , it has natural occuring bioactive components that make it easy to digest. And also DG milk are good to skin , that’ s why I really really want to try it with my family.

    1. yes, true yan <3

  35. Noime Ortagoza says:

    Gusto ko po sya subukan kung magustuhan ng anak ko,4yrs old.Picky eater sya kasi at milk lang ang pambawe ko para hindi sya magutom o manghina..thank you po sa pagshare nito sa amin.Merry Christmas po.
    Fb;noime ortagoza

  36. Erica Jaro Matienzo says:

    I want to tray this product for may baby boy hope choosing me to win this product para advance Gift ko na SA baby ko thanks for uportunty hope to win 😇🙏 🙏🙏 🙏😇 😇❤

  37. Froserfida Ngo says:

    I want to try this DG milk for my lo. I’m sure mas lalo siyang magiging healthy and strong. Iba kasi ang cow’s milk sa goat’s milk.

    1. Im sure magugustuhan nya ito.. <3

  38. Ami Cabral says:

    I want to try it because I think it is much healthier than cow’s milk and I also think its yummy😋 Hope I get the chance to win this one.

  39. Charmae pama says:

    i want to try this product para sakali magustuhan ng anak ko ung lasa nya.. Kasi ive been try so many many milk peru always d nya nauubos.. My isang brand sya nangsto nya ung lasa but nag popoop sya ng 3x a day.sometimes higit pa…. Pag nasubukan ko ito si DG GOAT baka sakali magustuhan nya.. Thank you and hoping na mapili nyu ako.. GODBLESSED

    1. Sana nga masubukan ng anak mo kc natikman ko sya, masarap sya and lactose intolerant ako. <3

  40. Charmae pama says:

    im soory po dear mamu kung ngayon lng po ako nkapag comment dito kasi everyday im trying to click the link you posted po peru error sya.. Cguro gawa na mahina comnection ko.. But now na okay na sya am thankful kasi nkaabot pako end ng promo is dec 20 which is ngaun po yun

  41. Atheena Reyes Scarlet says:

    nice info about this milk ma’am.. very informative.. I want to try this one for my 3 years old daughter ,na sobrang picky eater at minsan ayaw din uminom NG milk pero ito po a must try kasi pwede siyang ihalo SA dessert and mqganda pala talaga ito as it gives vitamins and minerals and great source of calcium.
    Sana matry po to ng bunso..
    Fb: Atheena Reyes Scarlet

  42. Nina Llagono says:

    Ang dami ko na naririnig na good benefits sa goat milk na Ito and I think it’s time to try din Ito. Siguradong maraming good benefits sa katawan natin Ito tamang Tama sa pagbabago.

  43. charm vertudez says:

    i want to try this for my daughter shes starting na po mag schooling next year and actually naghahanap ako ng powder milk na pedeng pede po to my daughter . and i hope it will be the DG GOAT MILK . 😁😁😁

    1. yes, pwede na sya for your daughter! <3

  44. Marie Fe Castillo says:

    I want to try this for my children. Gusto ko matikman nila ito kc maganda ang mga benefits na makukuha nila at for sure napakasarap nito kaya alam ko na magugustuhan nila.

  45. Jhen Segovia Pangilinan says:

    I want to try this mamsh sa anak ko.
    Fb:Jhen Segovia Pangilinan
    IG: @its_me_jheenn
    Twitter: jhenpangilinan9
    YT:Jhen Pangilinan

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