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GCash Pay Bills: Convenient, Fast and COVID-19 Free!

COVID-19 has truly disrupted a lot of things in our lives and day to day living. What was once easy became difficult, like we used to enjoy a simple walk, go to the grocery whatever time we’re convenient or bond with our friends at the nearby mall. All because of the Coronavirus scare and to protect ourselves and our families. Now, we are even scared to be with other people aside from those who are in the same house with us, to go out to pay our bills, buy meds or grocery shop for necessities.

But there are ways to do stuff safely and in the convenience of our homes such as paying bills. Since most utility companies are convincing people to use online payments instead of going to Bayad Centers or payment offices, I think it’s the best option for payers.

Let’s use GCash as an example. I have been using the GCash app for many online transactions including paying monthly bills long before this crisis. It’s a mobile payment app where you can enjoy cashless transactions whenever you are. You can also transfer money from your bank to replenish your GCash wallet, receive payments, buy prepaid loads, shop online and save money! Did you know you can also help the environment via #GCashForest?

Gcash Cash In

Instead of falling in line at your nearest payment centers and wasting your precious time, and with this crisis, possible to come in contact with a Coronavirus positive, you can use the GCash Pay Bills feature within the app. This way, not only social distancing is followed, it’s contactless too! You should use the GCash app so you don’t have to go out at all!

How to Use GCash Pay Bills

Infographic of the step-by-step tutorial using top billers like Maynilad:

GCash Pay Bills

Open your GCash App and go to the Pay Bills option.

GCash Pay Bills 1

I’ve already saved my preferred billers and information for quicker transactions.

GCash Pay Bills 3

If you haven’t saved the info yet, just input the necessary details.

GCash Pay Bills 4

Put the exact amount stated on your billing SOA.

GCash Pay Bills 5

Confirm if all the details are correct. Then press CONFIRM.

GCash Pay Bills 2

You will get this kind of confirmation once done.

GCash Pay Bills

If you indicated your email address, another confirmation will be sent there. You should keep it for future reference.

It’s that easy! Best of all, you don’t need to go out, brave the traffic, stress yourself with the long queue (a lot longer this time because of the practice of social distancing), be scared coz you might contract the virus and infect your family too.

What I especially like with using the GCash Pay Bills option is that I can do it anywhere, anytime!

You should try using the GCash App, too! There are other features to do contactless transactions and I’m sure you will love it as much as I do!

You can download and install the GCash App below:

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  1. Tala Martinez says:

    helpful article,thank you

  2. Jaycee Amul says:

    Buti nlng po at may gcash na.pinadali ang transactions ntin lalo na ngaun no need na lumabas para mgbayad ng bills lkaing tulong po tlga ang gcash ngayon..

  3. Lovell Compoc says:

    agree Mamu nakaka miss mga ginagawa natin before ncov. i wonder until when eto. Mas na appreciate ko na lalo si gcash now kasi mas convenient mag pay and send, no need to go out na. Easy pa gamitin.

  4. Nolour De los Santos says:

    ive been using gcash for a month now..and it never fails me..thanks to gcash especially this time of Covid-19..

    1. Yes, gamit na gamit din ang GCash namin lalo na this quarantine..

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