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Langnese: Find your Honey to Match your Mood

Honey is never simply just honey. It has been known to have great health benefits and rich in Antioxidants. Some say that a spoonful of honey a day is good for you and should be taken on an empty stomach. But, note that honey is also sugar, so don’t take more than required.

With its unique and nuanced taste profiles, honey has long been considered liquid gold and food for the gods. Langnese Honey, Germany’s unrivaled honey company, aims to hit the sweet spot in the Philippines with its five delectable honey flavors: Golden Clear, Acacia, Wild Lavender, Wildflower and Black Forest

With these five honey variants, you can ‘Find Your Honey’ to match your mood. “Langnese Honey enhances one’s mood when one knows the right variant that perfectly complements the food. It is known for its purity and versatility, which makes it a kitchen staple that can warm the hearts of Filipino consumers, Whatever your lifestyle needs are, there is a Langnese Honey for you.” said Emie San Beda, Senior Product Manager of Fly Ace Corporation.

Langnese Honey

Honey is the perfect complement to our food and drinks. You can use it for your meals from start to finish, from appetizers to desserts.

Eating a hearty breakfast is always the perfect way to start the day, especially when you slather Acacia Honey over your breakfast food. Its sweet and subtle taste pairs well with pancakes, breakfast cereals, fruits, and spreads, which will make you feel optimistic about the day ahead. 

For those who need a little boost and a pick-me-up, the Black Forest Honey with its dark color and full-bodied taste renders itself easily as luxurious quality honey that makes one feel strong.

Wild Flower Honey is collected by bees from numerous wild blossoms in the sun-drenched natural countryside of Germany, which give this honey the bright golden color and lightly balanced taste.  You will feel delighted as it is the perfect ingredient for those who love to cook and bake.

Langnese Honey

For those people who are looking to eat healthily and feel light, a drizzle of Wild Lavender Honey will add a delicate and mildly sweet floral taste to your salad.

At the end of a busy workday, there is nothing like unwinding with coffee or tea and adding a teaspoon or two of Golden Clear Honey to your drink will make you enjoy your cup more. This has been a popular favorite among generations of honey lovers since 1927.

Langnese is the German market leader for high-quality honey that has passed strict EU food standards.  The No.1 German honey brand is all-natural and unfiltered, so it retains the natural goodness of honey without compromising its taste and nutritional benefits. Langnese Honey products are distributed in 45 countries and the Philippines is one of the first Asian markets Langnese has selected to bring its topnotch harvested honey to.  

Langnese Honey

“Fly Ace Corporation is committed to bringing the best of the world’s food and beverages to every Filipino home. We are proud of being the chosen partner of Langnese, which gives us even more opportunity to provide a variety of top-quality products that Filipino consumers can easily avail and enjoy,” shared Ramon Daez, General Manager of Fly Ace Corporation.

Langnese Honey variants are available in supermarkets nationwide. It comes in five delicious flavors: Golden Clear, Wild Flower, Acacia, Black Forest, and Wild Lavender. Langnese Honey is “the brand that stands for nature.” 

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  2. Reynalyn Recio says:

    Very nice packaging! Honey fo a better life… Healthy po talaga ang Honey, natural sweetener.

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