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5 Modern Innovations that are Changing the Way We Live

With advancements in science and tech happening all the time, the way we live is quickly changing to include these new discoveries. Living in an era of technological advancement means that these new discoveries are integrating into our lives at a faster rate than ever before. Here are only a few of the many technological advancements that may be making an appearance in our daily lives sooner rather than later.

Microscale 3D Printing


While early uses of 3D printing were more medium- to large-scale, over the past few years, new technology from researchers at Virginia Tech has made microscale 3D printing a possibility. This type of 3D printing prevents cross-contamination of materials, meaning that we could soon be building functional machines using 3D printing without having to do much manual labor like gluing or welding.

Neuromorphic Engineering

While AI technology is on its way, the complexity behind how the human mind thinks and problem-solves has been hard to simulate. In this article by ZDNet, scientists are working on neuromorphic engineering in order to replicate the most complex machine on earth: the human brain. While the technology is somewhat far from making it to your local store, further advancements in the field may mean that we could eventually have computers that remember and think just like human brains do. And with technology like that, the possibilities are endless.

Sensing Cities


Smart cities have been around for several decades now, but can often be incredibly expensive to live in or have dialed-back ambitions due to rising costs. Quayside City in Canada has begun to propose a solution to that. Instead of building from scratch, city planning is instead of using sensors and another data-collecting tech to create urban plans that are responsive to the way people actually live. This “sensing” city, a project managed by Sidewalk Labs, could be the next frontier in smart city technology, and already other cities are clamoring to be a part of the project.

AI Technology

AI technology has been making advancements in recent years, but many of these advancements are too expensive or require too much equipment to be used in daily life. The solution to this? Putting AI technology in the Cloud. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have begun putting AI tools, many of them open-source, into the Cloud, as well as offering consultancy services for companies who would like to learn how to use them. With this increased access, more people will be able to make use of AI, and the technology will become more widely available in our daily lives.


Blockchain technology may seem like something that belongs in the shadowy world of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but that’s not all that it can do. The digital ledger system actually has lots of possible applications, many of which will have an impact on our daily lives. This article from Daydreaming in Paradise describes several of blockchain’s applications in the Philippines, from finance, business, politics, services, and even real estate. It also explains what exactly blockchain is in simple terms, and how these fields and more may be further transformed by the technology.


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