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Don’t Give Up on Skin Problem Treatments

When you are suffering from any kind of skin problem, it can sometimes be difficult to find a treatment that will help. Perhaps you’ve bounced around from product to product, hoping that one of them will alleviate whatever ails your skin. And there is no denying that it can be discouraging when you try one thing after another and get no relief. However, you should never give up on finding the help your problem skin needs, you may just have to do a bit more research to find the answer you need.

First Things First

Before you even begin to try to find the right treatment for your problematic skin, you will have to identify the problem correctly first. A scatter shot approach to treatments will probably leave you worse off than you were before. Become your own detective to identify the culprit of your skin condition.

  • Oily skin usually becomes noticeable during the teen years, when the sebaceous glands produce more sebum than is actually needed. This is because of the changing and fluctuating levels of hormones in the maturing system.
  • Acne is an unfortunate companion of oily skin. The start of an acne pimple occurs when too many dead skin cells at the top of a hair follicle block the sebum from exiting onto the skin. The dead skin cells act like a plug. As excess sebum keeps getting produced, it backs up under the plug, causing swelling and irritation. Any bacteria present (and there are always some) find this reservoir of sebum an excellent place to grow, and soon a nasty acne pustule is formed.
  • Dry skin is characterized by not enough sebum being produced to keep the skin moist. If you have dry skin, you will probably notice that your skin often feels taut and tight, and it may even be covered with flakes of dry skin. Ordinarily, it is only the top layer of the epidermis that is shed, with the under layers providing protection for the skin; dry skin may shed more layers than normal, leaving your skin vulnerable to damage.
  • Skin rashes can have any number of causes, from allergies to sunburn to auto immune diseases. Any skin rash that doesn’t clear up within a reasonable amount of time should be seen by a dermatologist. There can be numerous causes of skin rashes, including psoriasis, eczema, and fungal infections like ringworm.

Narrowing down your skin problem is the first step to treating it successfully. In most cases, the right treatment and skin products can be found that will help your skin look and feel healthier.

ProActive Skin Treatments

Available Treatments

Once you have narrowed down exactly what the problem is, you can begin to successfully treat it. Remember, too, that no course of treatment is going to work overnight, it will usually take several weeks before you see a significant improvement. Give a new regimen time to work, although if the condition worsens, you should stop using it immediately.

  • Acne affects a large portion of the population, and it’s not only teenagers who suffer from it, either, adults can also have acne. When you are looking for a way to keep your acne under control, consider using proactiv ingredients; these can help deal with the acne pimples while still helping to keep the rest of your skin in good shape.
  • While oily skin may be causing acne, you can also have oily skin without acne occurring. Oily skin will often look shiny and greasy, even soon after washing and even through makeup. Finding a cleanser that will clean oily skin and help reduce pore size will be critical in addressing this problem. Also, do not wash your face more often than twice a day – frequent washing will only stimulate more oil production.
  • Dry skin needs just as much care as any other skin, and keeping it moist and soft is the goal here. Those with dry skin should always use a good moisturizer after washing, and the use of a moisturizing cream at night is also helpful. You should never use a deodorant soap on your face, these soaps contain antibacterial substances, chemicals, and fragrances that will only further dry out your skin. Glycerin or natural oil based soaps are best for dry skin.

Finding a solution to your skin problem need not be difficult if you approach it sensibly. And any skin problem can be helped simply by eating correctly, sleeping a normal amount every night, and trying to avoid stress as much as possible.

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