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3 Top Tips for a Chill Family Vacay

A family vacation should be a super happy time. But for many reasons, busy moms and pops can find themselves completely stressed out organizing their annual trip and reaching the airport without major family meltdowns.

In the cold light of day, it’s no wonder that things get a little edgy on the lead up to a holiday. After all, arranging a family meal out can be tricky — never mind a two-week tour in a totally different environment.
But don’t ditch your plans just yet — the following three tips will make a chill family vacay child’s play.

  1. Airport research

It’s sometimes possible to secure a bargain break that departs from an airport you’re not too familiar with.

And while we all like to save cash, problems can arise when you arrive at the terminal with a couple of hours to spare and no idea how to navigate the premises to find entertaining activities for kids.

This is where internet research comes into its own — for instance, reading about children’s facilities at Detroit Metro Airport reveals the exact locations of children’s play areas and family restrooms, meaning you can head straight for those sweet spots without delay when you arrive.

  1. Airport parking

Travelling to the airport in your own vehicle with kids can be comfortable and convenient — family privacy is assured and there’s usually more room than on public transportation.

airport parking

But circling around airport roads on arrival as you search frantically for a parking space while children get increasingly antsy can feel like going to hell in a handcart.

So, ensure a smooth pre-flight experience by booking a park and fly space through and set off for check-in feeling calm and composed.  And if you can splash out a little, pay for a valet service recommended by this online register so that your family can drop off your car near the terminal and stroll into departures like real VIPs.

  1. Airport coupons

Provided you can build in time prior to your flight, taking your kids for a surprise treat close to the airport will earn you bundles of brownie points.

And you don’t need to bust your bank balance doing it — thanks to the cash-saving power of online coupons.

For instance, searching for kids entertainment near Westchester on Groupon generates a brilliant grab bag of offers on everything from Kiddie City indoor play area to the Sender One Climbing center.  Alternatively, you can book bargain child’s Jedi lightsaber classes at Burbank’s Swordplay Fencing Studio — an awesome treat for young Star Wars fans.

Parents can’t plan every pre-flight activity to perfection, but these three top tips for a chilled family vacay should have you and your kids boarding your flight while beaming with delight.

And this sets a positive tone for making magical memories in the days that follow.

How do you chill your family out before a vacation? Share your advice in the comments section.

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