OMNI Channel Marketing Consultancy: All-in-One Marketing Services

OMNI Channel Marketing Consultancy: All-in-One Marketing Services

OMNI Channel Marketing Consultancy, Inc. recently held their grand launch to honor their valued partners who have been with them since the beginning. It’s also to acknowledge new partnerships as well as presented the company’s capabilities to deliver outstanding services.

OMNI Channel Marketing Consultancy: All-in-One Marketing Services

OMNI is the new face of sales and marketing consultancy in the Philippines that caters traditional and digital marketing, ICT, franchising, leasing, activation, and events. They have been in the industry for 25 years which means, you are partnering with the experts in the field.

CEITEX, one of the leading consumer electronics and information technology expo in the country, entrusted their sales and marketing activities to Omni Marketing. They teamed up to form an experiential event in promoting technological advancement and multiple concepts. It will run on November 2 – 4, 2018.

OMNI Channel Marketing Consultancy: All-in-One Marketing Services

The company helps businesses to diversify on information and communication technology (ICT), including sales and marketing activation for brand awareness, franchise, and lease sales management for growth, sustainability and profitability, and reputation management to monitor, maintain negative reviews of blogs.

Omni Marketing offers an all-in-one sales and marketing services and delivers a well-thought-out strategy. It also ensures that the businesses are consistent across all platforms, to recognize its brands; traditional and digital, sales and marketing. The company provides an effective plan with clear and concise measures.

A good grasp of what is going on in the marketplace is provided. “One of our expertise is partnering with franchising businesses and sell their franchise brand,” said Omni’s Executive. “We will not only serve as their marketing arm but also cover everything that concerns business.”

OMNI Channel Marketing Consultancy: All-in-One Marketing Services

From an extensive market research, Omni Channel Marketing is introducing a unique Franchising Business that will break the stereotypical notion in the industry. Presenting the GadFetcher (Gadget Fetcher), a pop-up mobile phone, accessory, and repair services which serve honesty and integrity in handling customers’ electronic devices. They live up to their tagline — Fetch, Send, Repair.

“In our company, we evaluate first the businesses’ external and internal factor, including their products and services before engaging with the project. We make sure that our business partners shall be granted consultancy in an optimum method”. said Omni’s Executive.

When the business is reviewed, Omni would recommend what is needed. “We want to give clients the right advice for them to resolve the issues first if there are any, and then we will offer what is the best for that business,” they continued.

The company’s goal is to help clients with honesty and assure them that the growth is irreversible. “We want to take good care of our brand, as we look at the long-term business relationship,” said Omni’s Executive.

OMNI Channel Marketing Consultancy: All-in-One Marketing Services

It targets businesses that need quality business services. Envisaging the new company’s performance in the market, said Omni’s Executive, “ We have vast networks and connections of tri-media and key players’ expert to their fields. We deal with the heart of the business and merge both worlds into one.”

To conclude, if the company has a clear and honest view of success together with its exceptional practices, that is a top-tier service.

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  1. Aila Garcia says:

    Congratulations! Thank you for providing us the good and quality products.

  2. Wow this is a good marketing . I like there goals to help clients honesty and assure them that the growth is irreversible ..

  3. Wow all in one .. GREAt goal and missions .. OMNI love it ..

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