Electrolux FashionCare Season 2 Electrolux UltimateCare Washer Dryer
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Electrolux FashionCare Season2 Changing the Way Women Do Laundry

I used to wash my own clothes by hand, well that was in college and single days, way before my back problem and carpal tunnel syndrome. Now, I rely heavily on a washer and a labandera. There are days when I need to immediately wash a delicate dress but can’t be done using my washer coz it’s not made to wash certain fabrics. So, I do it manually and forget the pain it will cause my hands after, otherwise, send it to a laundry service or pick another dress to wear. Alas! A new “breed” of washing machines are available in the market, the Electrolux UltimateCare™ washer dryer and it can effortlessly wash and dry your delicate clothes! All I need to do now is save to be able to buy this 🙂

Electrolux FashionCare Season 2 Electrolux UltimateCare Washer Dryer

Washing machines have become a reliable partner of many Filipino households in doing their laundry as it saves more time than washing by hand. Yet when it comes to caring for clothes, many women still have trust issues when it comes to their washing machines. That is the concern that Electrolux seeks to address as it launched the second season of its FashionCare Campaign, which seeks to change the way women do their laundry.

Laundry Woes
To find out more about women’s laundry woes, Electrolux Philippines conducted a research in partnership with Mommy Mundo, one of the country’s leading mom communities. When asked about what fabrics they were afraid to wash using their washing machine, 67% of the respondents say that they are afraid to machine wash their silk clothing, followed by delicate wear (52%), cashmere (40%), and wool (39%).

Electrolux FashionCare Season 2 Electrolux UltimateCare Washer Dryer

Among the top reasons why women hesitate to put their clothes in washing machines are more than half of them (58%) think it might ruin the clothes, while some think that machine wash can cause fabric shrinkage (17%) or fading of colours (4%).

When it comes to doing laundry, women worry about more than just cleaning. Fabric care remains one of the unfulfilled needs of women as 77% of them look for fabric care features when they buy washing machines, and among their top 3 laundry concerns are pilling of clothes or what we call himulmol, stubborn stains and misshaping of clothes – two of which are related to caring for the fabric.

The FashionCare Challenge
With women’s laundry concerns in mind, Electrolux created the UltimateCare™ range of washing machines, designed to help women care for their clothes.

At the FashionCare Season 2 Premiere Party, Electrolux Philippines FashionCare Ambassador Rajo Laurel and FashionCare Council Members Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Janice Villanueva put the UltimateCare™ washer dryer to the test as they challenged Electrolux to wash their designer dress, silk scarf, and wool jacket, respectively.

Electrolux FashionCare Season 2 Electrolux UltimateCare Washer Dryer

The FashionCare Council themselves demonstrated how to use Electrolux UltimateCare washer-dryers, proving how easy and convenient they are to use, and how effective they are in keeping your clothes clean, fresh and vibrant.

Amina Aranaz-Alunan, founder, executive director and teacher of SoFA Design Institute, and Creative Director of fashion accessories and bag label ARANÁZ, was pleased to find that her silk scarf was just as colourful after washing as when she bought it. “I could keep using this over and over again thanks to Electrolux’s UltimateCare™ washer dryer which has features that care for delicate pieces and keeps them looking new and vibrant,” shared Amina during the event.

Meanwhile, Janice Villlanueva, successful mompreneur and founder of Mommy Mundo, was initially apprehensive about ruining her wool jacket, but found it undamaged and soft to the touch after the washing and drying were finished. “I used to hand wash wool sweaters like this one because I was afraid it would get stretched out of shape. So I’m excited that the Electrolux’s UltimateCare™ washer dryer can safely wash woolen items and make sure they look their best,” Janice said.

Rajo Laurel, renowned fashion designer and Electrolux FashionCare Ambassador, was sure that his designer dress would come out of the wash unscathed. “I know that Electrolux understands how important our clothes are to us, and I’m grateful for it. I feel safe knowing that my clothes are in good hands with Electrolux’s UltimateCare™ washing machines,” shared Rajo.

Electrolux FashionCare Season 2 Electrolux UltimateCare Washer Dryer

Designed to care for clothes
Electrolux is confident that its latest range of washing machines would rise to the challenge as its UltimateCare™ washing machines come with UltraMix™ technology to help women not only get better stain removal but better fabric care, helping them retain the colour, shape, and softness of their clothes from delicate wear to designer pieces.

The UltraMix™ technology gives women the results of a hot wash for better stain and dirt removal, yet uses a lower, gentler temperature. Detergent and water are pre-mixed in a special chamber before the beginning of the cycle to maximize cleaning power at a lower temperature. It delivers deeper clean and 31% better colour care, to ensure your favorites look newer for longer.

Electrolux FashionCare Season 2 Electrolux UltimateCare Washer Dryer

Besides the powerful yet gentle cleaning of UltraMix™, Electrolux UltimateCare™ washing machines extend the life of clothes with Vapour Action, designed to soften fabric while reducing allergens by up to 99.9% that’s gives women the assurance of better care for your clothes for years to come. The Woolmark certified cycle approved by the Woolmark Company, the global authority on wool, will safely launder these precious garments.

Electrolux UltimateCare™ washing machines also have Eco Inverter technology that offers high energy efficiency that reduces energy consumption by 75% and saves time by 44%. Women can also enjoy the flexibility and convenience to toss in forgotten items during the washing cycle with add clothes feature.

“For today’s modern woman, clothes are a way of expressing herself, which is why she doesn’t trust washing machines with her priceless pieces of clothing. But we at Electrolux want to share that now, there is a washing machine that cares for your clothes as much as you do,” shared Andrea Soto-Pionilla, Country Marketing Manager of Electrolux. “With the FashionCare Campaign, Electrolux wants to introduce a better way of taking care of our machine wash-sensitive clothes. With the Electrolux UltimateCare™ washing machines, you not only get the cleaning but fabric care that makes clothes look newer for longer.”

Electrolux FashionCare Season 2 FashionCare Promo

In line with its FashionCare campaign, Electrolux is offering several great deals on its washing machines, with offers up to 25% off on selected front load washing machines and washer- dryers. Women can also avail of selected Electrolux Front Load Washing Machines and get 25% off on an Electrolux Front Load Dryer. Also included are a free stacking kit and installation valued at PHP 3,049 with this fantastic bundle deal. Promo period runs from July 1 to September 30, 2018.

To learn more about how Electrolux can help keep favourites clothes looking new for longer, visit at bit.ly/ElectroluxFashionCare and follow @ElectroluxPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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