Glenmark Philippines First Aid For Kids PH

Do You Know First Aid For Kids? Learn CPR and Heimlich Maneuver

When I gave birth to my special son back in ’99, I decided to undergo basic first-aid training for babies under the Red Cross. I was a new mom, with no knowledge in even handling a minor scratch properly. Told myself that I had to have some form of training because when he was just a few months, he choked on his own vomit and I didn’t know what to do! Good thing, a neighbor heard me shout and fortunately, he knew what to do. Recently, I was fortunate to learn a refresher basic first aid for kids given by GlenMark Philippines Inc. because honestly, it was so long ago and I’ve somehow forgotten the proper steps in CPR.

Glenmark Philippines First Aid For Kids PH

Not all parents know how to do basic first aid for kids, that’s why I’m sharing with you this very valuable post. This way, you can learn CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver steps coz it might come in handy in the future.

GlenMark Philippines Inc. occasionally holds a training session for parents. The objective is to provide training on what to do and how to react and apply first aid treatments for various medical issues that may involve their kids.

Glenmark Philippines First Aid For Kids PH

Focal points of the training session involve the safety of kids when at home, during travels, or even when staying at home in the company of the househelp or with the parents themselves. Foskina, a product of GlenMark Philippines Inc. through its online platform, will help equip parents or every household with ample familiarity and understanding on how to manage or handle first aid correctly.

This will involve training on how to respond to scenarios such as cuts and wounds, various bites and stings, applying correct Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) techniques for infants and toddlers, burns and scalds, choking, and even fever and febrile convulsions.

Glenmark Philippines First Aid For Kids PH is the online wound care advocacy site of Glenmark Philippines Inc. targeting parents and even househelps. Just recently, Glenmark through in cooperation with conducted a training session called “Yaya Does Montessori” for the “Yaya” to train them on how to handle wound care and apply basic first-aid treatment for kids.

Parents are the ones directly in charge of their kids’ welfare and safety, the responsibility of keeping the home and living environment safe and secure. It is best that they know what to do and not to panic in every medical situation.

Glenmark Philippines First Aid For Kids PH

I asked a lot of questions during the training because I was really interested to know the facts and the myths. You know, our elders had different versions on taking care of the wound, what to give a child while choking and the likes. I was so glad that the doctors at the seminar were able to enlighten me especially on what not to do.

Here’s a video on how to do CPR on Babies and Kids:

Parents must know basic first aid for kids because awareness and training just might save the lives of their children. I’ve learned a lot of things and will share this post also to my boys. My husband recently completed a full first-aid course via their office, so at least, two heads are better than one 🙂 I just hope that we don’t get to use CPR, it would really be scary!

For more information about Foskina, visit, or follow them at Instagram – @firstaidforkidsph or

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