360 Smart Camera: Monitor Your Kids While You Are Away
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360 Smart Camera: Monitor Your Kids While You Are Away

A smart way to monitor your family while you are away is by installing a home camera. There are a lot of choices in the market today and one of which is the 360 Smart Camera. What’s great about this family cam is that it offers loads of features such as Mobile Tracking, Customised Continuous Cruise, Cry Detection, Abnormal Sound Detection, Face Detection and more!

360 Smart Camera: Monitor Your Kids While You Are Away

A wireless home security monitoring system like this 360 Smart Camera is exactly what I need because most of the time hubby and I are at work. Kids are usually left unattended but old enough to take care of themselves. My sister’s house is just around the corner. Though our area is just a small community of townhouse owners and there’s security roaming around, it’s best to be safe.

I’ve actually tried 2 other home cameras but both can just pan left and right, sometimes get stuck in one position so I have to call home and have someone check it. One camera doesn’t have a sound, just for viewing, so I wouldn’t know if the boys fought one another and the little one is crying. Some of the features were so techie my non-techie mind can’t relate, lol.

360 Smart Camera: Monitor Your Kids While You Are Away

This 360 Smart Camera is plain and simple and even has a voice prompt to help you easily set up without so much fuss. I did it myself and it was really easy-peasy. Not complicated in short.

So, I tried it for the first time and I was glad I was able to make it work without asking for my techie son’s help hahaha. My reason for not asking help is also so that the kids won’t know how to operate it or mess with it while their parents are out. And I plan to sort of put it in a higher place where they can’t reach it or hide it in plain sight, you know, where it’s not obvious I’m watching them.

Watch this short video on how it revolves and work:

360 Smart Camera Features:

  • Mobile Tracking
  • Customised Continuous Cruise
  • Cry Detection
  • Abnormal Sound Detection
  • Face Detection
  • 1080P High Definition
  • 360degrees Panoramic Cruise
  • High Definition Infrared Vision
  • Two-way Audio Communication
  • Private Mode

360 Smart Camera: Monitor Your Kids While You Are Away

I had my husband work it out by himself and see if he can figure it out coz he’s more non-techie than me. And he did it! So, the instructions are really that easy to understand plus easier to operate. He also tried to record a video and see if the 360degrees feature really works coz then he’ll know where to exactly place this fam cam.

360 Smart Camera: Monitor Your Kids While You Are Away

He wanted to put it way up in the ceiling but unfortunately, we would need a longer extension cord coz the nearest socket is way over at the door or beside the kitchen. He wanted it in the middle of the living room but that would mean messing up the ceiling coz it doesn’t have any provision for such an electronic device.

So, we decided to just put it as pictured below. The nearest outlet is behind the refrigerator and since the 360 Smart Camera needs to be power wired always, that I think is the best position. That way, when it pans, I will be able to remotely scan the whole living room, the kitchen, and the stairs.

360 Smart Camera: Monitor Your Kids While You Are Away

How much is the 360 Smart Camera? This is the D706 model and it costs around Php₱4,600.00. You can inquire via their Facebook page to order, or you can buy it through Shopee and Lazada.

What I like most with the 360 Smart Camera:

– 360-degree panoramic view, meaning no blind zone
– Abnormal and Cry sound detection
– Two-way audio. I can talk to my kids through it
– Can send me an alert in a matter of 5 minutes when there’s a suspicious occurrence or person in the camera view.
– A whole lot more coz this fam cam is so awesome!

This coming September 21-23, Friday to Sunday, Visit 360 Smart Camera booth on the 4th floor of Century City Mall, Makati City and get exciting freebies with purchase.

You can also check its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/360smartcameraph/ for more updates!

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  1. Maria Catherine Matugas says:

    Perfect taLaga tong 360 cam momshie .. Perfect sa lahat kahit mapa bahay, office or stores ..

  2. Aila Garcia says:

    This kind of cam, is perfect for working moms and dads to always make sure na safe ang mga kids na naiiwan sa baby, at for security purposes also.

  3. Aila Garcia says:

    Bahay i mean

  4. Wow maganda nga yan dami na talagang hi-tech sa panahin ngayon . Perfect for business yan para makita kung may kawatan and sa yaya ni baby if my work ka .. Nice 360 smart camera .. Perfect ^_^

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