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AXA Asset Master – Start Building Your Legacy

There are a lot of ways to invest but one needs to seriously consider which can help the family in the future. Planning ahead is a wise decision coz we don’t hold the future. One of the choices you can consider is the newly launched AXA Asset Master which is designed to build your financial legacy.

AXA Asset Master

The AXA Asset Master can lead to various investment opportunities not just from a single market but in many others as well as around the globe. The all-new US Dollar-denominated Global Dynamic Allocation Funds, exclusively offered under Asset Master, are AXA’s first volatility-managed funds designed to provide the broadest global diversification and optimized returns, with a choice of Stable, Multi-Asset, or Growth funds, depending on your risk appetite.

AXA Philippines Asset Master

In fact, the Global Dynamic Allocation Funds are invested in five major markets around the world – Asia Pacific excluding Japan, Japan, Europe, US, and the emerging markets including Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East with over one thousand underlying securities for unparalleled access and diversification to the global markets.

“At AXA, we want to help you start planning for an enduring financial legacy you can leave to your loved ones,” said Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines president, and CEO. “With Asset Master, you can build a global portfolio of investments that will help your family keep on living well.”

AXA Philippines Asset Master Rahul Hora

Furthermore, these funds have a built-in, automatic rebalancing feature that auto-adjusts to the ever-changing market conditions to actively seek investment opportunities and to protect you from extreme market drops.

Start building your legacy with a minimum one-time investment of P100,000 and enjoy 125% guaranteed life insurance coverage for added peace of mind. Moreover, you can avail of added protection such as cash benefits in case of critical illness and accident protection to better prepare for life’s uncertainties. Lastly, by investing more, you also get reduced fees and higher guaranteed bonuses every 10th and 20th year.

To know more about AXA Asset Master, talk to an AXA Financial Partner today by visiting the nearest Metrobank, PSBank or AXA Branch, or email

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    Planning ahead is a wise decision coz we don’t hold the future. iba pa rin if advance mag isip. Daig ng maagap ang taong masipag.

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