5 Best Tips for Moms Small Business Owners

Many parents today struggle to find a great balance between work and family, and the challenges are often more pronounced for moms who are small business owners. While it can be a challenge to manage work responsibilities and the responsibilities associated with caring for your family, this juggling act can result in great rewards for you financially as well as emotionally. By following a few key tips, you can most easily find the balance between work and family that you seek.

Virtual Office

1. Set Up a Virtual Office
Many small business owners truly burn the candle at both ends. To run a successful business, even a small business, you often must work non-traditional answers. In order to be home to care for your family when they need you and to ensure the least amount of disruption in your personal life, you will want to set up one of the virtual office packages that enables you to perform most or all of your work functions without having to leave the house.

2. Establish a Functional Routine
One of the most important steps to finding a great balance between work and family life involves establishing a functional routine. Of course, there will always be changes to your routine due to events at the kidsโ€™ school, dental appointments and other factors, but a functional routine provides you with the ability to manage your responsibilities at home and work and to make plans accordingly without stress.

3. Avoid Over committing Yourself
It takes a lot of time, effort and energy to run a small business. Likewise, the same holds true for being a mum. As a mom who is also a small business owner, it is easy to over commit yourself or your family, and this can easily result in fatigue, stress and burn-out. As you update your schedule on a daily or weekly basis, make time for yourself. Whether you enjoy having coffee with a dear friend once a week or try to visit the gym several times a week, avoid over committing yourself to ensure that you have time for yourself.

4. Make Use of Technology
Small business owner moms are people who are on-the-go, and this means that you will need to regularly make use of the latest and most innovative technology available. Take time to review your current arsenal of technological gadgets, and make an investment into the latest equipment if you believe it will serve the purpose of making you more efficient or successful in some way.

5. Take Your Work With You
Working moms often must work non-traditional work hours or in non-traditional work environments. If you want to find a balance between work and family, you often will need to take your work with you. This may mean taking a work file or even your laptop with you to the kidsโ€™ soccer practice or well-check doctorโ€™s visit.

Running a small business and being a mum are both challenging in their own right, but when you combine these two together, you must make a concerted effort to juggle the responsibilities of both with ease. By following these important tips, you can gracefully, successfully be the best mom and small business owner who you can be.

An article written by Beth Gadd

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  1. Great tips. I’m thinking of starting a small business and I can use all the tips I can get. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nupur says:

    Awesome tips ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Santhy says:

    Thanks for the information!

  4. Ruby Daniels says:

    I have been a work at home mom for almost 10 years, It’s still hard. Family and friends think I can just stop what I am doing, run when ever they call.

  5. Great tips and a good read. Thank you.

  6. AWESOME POST! THank you! So helpful!

  7. this is great info

  8. This is a great tip for us. I don’t have any business set up yet but it will definitely be not just one but a diversified small businesses that I can run via online or remotely. I hope I have the means though to put the plan in motion.

  9. Jen Rodrigues says:

    Great tips and these are so true when it comes to owning a small business.

  10. Andrew says:

    Super tips – thanks!

  11. Mel Cole says:

    thank you for the tips. it is not easy to run a small business… i still need a work space at home…

  12. Bobby Tarumi says:

    Thanks for this info. I’m a guy, but a stay-at-home guy with health issues. Any small biz advice is very helpful. Thanks again.

  13. MD Kennedy says:

    Don’t overcommit yourself – so true! And when you do “fail” to get everything done, know that it is not that you didn’t get everything done, it is just that ore important things – usually family-related! – were done instead. So instead, pat yourself on the back!

  14. I need to avoid over committing myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Maria Iemma says:

    I would like to start a small business but I am scared of the economy and not sure if I have the knowledge to run it. Thank you for the tips – I am going to ask my friend who is a tecky guy to work with me setting up website etc.

  16. Its hard being a mom and also having a business of your own, you need to juggle your schedule to make time for yourself.

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