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Westgate Food Crawl 2018: Best Restaurant Choices in the South!

We recently went on a food crawl at Westgate Alabang and believe me, the restaurants were all gracious enough to let us try most of their delectable dishes. The result, we were all “bondat”, hahaha. Though I only ate a small portion of each dish, I still felt so full until the next day.

This will be just a photo blog post coz well, I don’t need to chit-chat a lot coz the photos will speak for themselves. Also, this is just a prelude to another separate post of each resto coz I think they all deserve a spot and so that I can give justice to all the wonderful food that I’ve tried at each stop.

Below are just some of my favorites. Just so you could see 2 dishes from each restaurant. Dontcha worry coz you’ll be able to read the full posts next time.

Let’s start with EarthOrigins Marketplace & Cafe – a new one stop organic retail shop and cafe.

Westgate Food Crawl 2018 Earth Origins
Protein Boost Salad Mix – P268

All organic salad mix consisting of grass fed beef, chicken, egg and those vegies you see. I had almost half of this coz it was so good and believe me, the vegies are a great alternative for rice. You won’t go hungry!

Westgate Food Crawl 2018 Earth Origins
Seafood Paella – P348

Oh, my! Just had two spoonfuls of this Seafood Paella and I put the spoon down or I won’t be able to control myself! It was soooo good that I licked my spoon before letting go hahaha

Neil’s Kitchen – Everyday Gourmet Restaurant

Neil's Kitchen Westgate Alabang Food Crawl 2018

Top center: Wagyu Beef Sinigang (Gyudon style) – P495
Left: Adobo Project – P450
Bottom center: Menudo Mania – P395
Right: Alabang Fried Porkchop with Gravy Rice – P395

If you are a fan of the regular Beef or Pork Sinigang, wait til you taste Neil’s version! Bet, you’d be ordering an extra rice coz you just can’t get enough! The dishes on the menu have cool names and live up to your expectation of exclusive gastronomic delights!

Butamaru – serving savory and heartwarming ramen with izakaya selection to complete your Japanese dining experience.

Butamaru Westgate Food Crawl 2018
Spicy Miso Butter Ramen – P370

Not fond of anything spicy but wasn’t able to pass up and taste this ramen. Looked sumptuous, finished half of it hahahaha.. As for the Parmesan spareribs, a hint of spice mixed with cheese will send different signals to your taste buds yet still something you’d definitely try.

Butamaru Westgate Food Crawl 2018
Parmesan Togarashi Spareribs

Brother’s Burger – one of the best burger joints in the South and not serving just that!

Brother's Burger Westgate Food Crawl 2018

They serve two kinds of Burritos – Chicken Burrito – P190 and Steak Burrito – P200

Brother's Burger Westgate Food Crawl 2018

The above has 3 flavors: Cheese Quesadilla – P120, Chicken Quesadilla – P185, Steak Quesadilla – P200

Alba Restaurante Español – Home of Traditional Spanish Cooking in Manila since 1952

Alba Restaurant Westgate Food Crawl 2018
Paella Negra – P650

Pricey but you won’t mind it once you get to taste this Paella Negra. I had to try it and glad I did tho my friends kept laughing at me coz of the black stain on my lips and teeth, lol. Authentic Spanish paella, much like what my aunt used to cook for us when I was a kid.

Alba Restaurant Westgate Food Crawl 2018
Lapu-lapu en Salsa Verde – P580

Mixed seafood dish in a creamy sauce that you wouldn’t wanna miss. I loved everything in it!

If you are from the South or want a different kind of environment, check out Westgate Alabang. There’s more it than restaurants and you can visit it’s Facebook page at www.facebook.con/WestgateAlabang if you wanna know more.

Take a stroll with your family, dine with the best restaurants in town, shop to your heart’s content or be active and healthy with its wellness centers. There’s a lot to do at Westgate!

Westgate Center is a premier development project of Filinvest Alabang Inc. in Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The 9.2-hectare open-air shopping and dining complex boasts of a relaxing atmosphere perfect for rest and recreation.

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  1. Jaycelyn amul says:

    Lhat mkhang msarap and healthy foods..pinaka the best yung lapulapu. Mjo expensive pero mkhang sulit..😊😊😊

  2. Luz Soriano says:

    Wow looks so yummy try nga yan pag punta ko ng alabang😍

  3. pchipeach says:

    They are all good in my eyes, 😍 malamng gnun din ang lasa.. Ganda ng prep ng bwat food. nkakktakam lahat.

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