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Gardenia Bakeries and “Kidulting” – A New Trend in Parenting Style

Having fun is not just for kids but for adults as well, but it’s better if you and your child will experience the joy of bonding together while doing something productive. I learned about that during our recent trip to the Gardenia Bakeries plant tour.

Gardenia Bakeries Plant Tour

If you are an adult who wants to have some carefree, stress-free and enjoyable time with your child and relive those childhood memories with him/her, joining the Gardenia Plant Tour is one of the fun things to do. It’s educational but you and your child will learn a lot the fun way!

Gardenia Bakeries Plant Tour

Gardenia calls this trending parenting lifestyle as “KIDulting“. Adults must know about the term “Adulting” where you need to learn the responsibilities of being an adult. KIDulting is exactly the opposite because you don’t have to worry about responsibilities as heavy as those with adults, but it’s mostly playing, learning to be a kid or how to be a kid again, and especially, enjoying every bit of it with your child.

Kidulting is a method of parenting where adults and kids bond together in activities they can both playfully participate. Isn’t it adorable to see a whole family infusing fun into their lifestyle just to create joyful memories for their kids, and at the same time, unleash the “kid-in-me” of the parents?

Here are some kidulting ideas that are simple, accessible, and affordable but worth the try!

Paint and Create
Creating art together with your children is definitely a proven stress-buster while fueling the creativity of your kids. It’s hitting two birds in one stone! If you think simple patterns will bore you as an adult, try creating thematic artworks like an “under the sea” painting or a “secret garden” coloring.

Gardenia Bakeries Plant Tour

Play the Role
Seeing your kids play as a doctor or an engineer or a lawyer inspire you to work harder to give them a better future, right? But what if you join the fun? Try to pretend as the doctor’s patient or the engineer’s client or the lawyer’s colleague. You will see how promising your kids are with their witty reasoning. Plus, you can also guide them as early as now in choosing the career they want to have someday.

Bake it free

Gardenia Bakeries Plant Tour

Remember the times when you did “pretend play” with cooking or baking? You can actually play again with your kids or level up and teach them to bake and maybe you’ll discover the genius baker within them. You may choose recipes which your kids can also do easily and conveniently. It is also an avenue to teach them healthy eating habits.

Bonus tips: While doing these activities, make sure you already prepared on-the-go snacks that you and your kids can munch anywhere. Of course, you don’t want to spoil the momentum of your bonding, in case your kids get hungry in the middle of your activity. So, bring Gardenia Pocket Sandwich for a pocket full of fun bonding moments! For only Php12, you are assured of an innovative, fresh and yummy goodness that is available in 4 flavors: chocolate, peanut butter, cheese, and strawberry pastillas, that your kids and kid-in-you will love!

Gardenia Bakeries Plant Tour Gardenia Pocket Sandwich

Kidulting as a parenting style will enable your family to practice the sense of familial inclusivity for a home treasured by everybody. After all, family teamwork makes the dream work!

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