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#ShopwisePH Mother’s Day Treat

Shopwise recently treated selected mommy bloggers with cooking lessons, wine 101 and a wine show. Mommies present had so much fun! I actually learned a lot about the differences in wines and what is the proper selection for each dish. We also learned a few new meals that we can prepare for the family.

Shopwise Alabang Mother's Day Treat

We met Chef Jee Mingoa and he taught us a few dishes that we can whip up in a few minutes. Chef Jee is the seasoned Chef of Alchemy Bar and Bistro. Expert in French, Western, and Mediterranean cuisine.


Below are his popular recipes. You can also try this at home, you know, to make lunch or dinner a bit more exciting for the family.





Up next is a wine show from Mr. Joseph Apostol – President, Philippines Wine Flaring. He made us a few concoctions and we mumshies loved the taste! We can definitely do this at home too especially when there’s a party or celebration.

Shopwise Mothers Day Treat Mr Joseph Apostol

Shopwise Mothers Day Treat Mamita El Mojito with Cranswick Lakefield Moscato

Shopwise Mothers day Treat Mamita-El-Mojito-with-Cranswick-Lakefield-Moscato





Last was Wine 101 where we learned about distinguishing which proper wine goes with pork, chicken, and seafood. The short and fun lecture was discussed by the dashing Mr. Mattia Mauri. Hailing from Italy, Mattia is a wine expert who started learning about wine right after school in Europe before moving to Australia recently this year to further develop his skills and knowledge. His specialties are Italian and Australian wines in particular. He also represents a certain number of Australian wines being sold at Shopwise among which are the top-selling Beach Hut, Chain of Fire and Lakefield brands.


Shopwise is one of my go-to groceries especially if I need something not commonly found in regular supermarkets. They have branches all over and the nearest to me is in Alabang.

For updates and promos on #ShopwisePH, just head over to their Facebook page at

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