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Sharp & Qualimed Hospital Headstarts Plasmacluster Ion Quality Air

The air we breathe is made up of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases. But, if you think that is all, guess again, you’re forgetting about very tiny specks suspended in the air such as dust, microbes, spores, allergens, viruses and many other harmful unknown particles. The air we breathe is a precious thing for without it, we won’t survive. That’s why we all need to work together in helping save our eco-system and the planet, stop pollution, conserve energy and recycle. So Sharp Philippines Corp and Qualimed collaborated to spearhead a mission not impossible to achieve by installing the Plasmacluster Ion technology initially in the ICU, ER and OR airconditioner ducts of the hospital.

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology

I’ve known about Sharp Plasmacluster Ion technology since 2016 when they launched the products in a related event. I was fortunate to review the Sharp Air Purifier Mosquito Catcher and the Sharp Plasmacluster Mite Catcher. I experienced the effectivity of the Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher, so we bought the product. Since then, asthma attacks lessened and we’re breathing purified air at home.

So, it’s great to know that Sharp Plasmacluster Ion technology can now be experienced in a hospital and their aim is to be able to widely spread this innovation in every major hospital in the country hopefully in the future.

Qualimed Hospital ICU with Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology

Qualimed Hospital ICU in Sta. Rosa with Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology

With Sharp’s mission to make our everyday life more convenient and easier, the company continues to strive to introduce newfangled ideas to changing needs and demands of the market. One of their recent innovative contributions is the Plasmacluster Ion technology – the original disinfecting technology suppressing the effects of airborne viruses and breaking down and removing airborne molds. Sharp collaborated with Qualimed and CRL Laboratory, a DENR accredited Air Monitoring and Testing service provider to head starts their mission in providing quality air.

With Qualimed as their hospital partner, Sharp aims to set the goal to help produce quality air through their newest technology Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Technology. It is a unique air purifying technology developed by Sharp. It strongly supplies comprehensive protection against airborne threats in a safe and chemical-free way. This is highly recommended for people suffering from asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology now in Qualimed Hospital

Print media, online bloggers, Qualimed-STR executives and medical professionals being attentive during the briefing of the PCI technology.

Aside from hospital and other facilities, Sharp Special Projects and Business Development Manager Mr. Ireneo Lontoc shared during the launch that their company already catered their air purifying technology in airports.

“In the Philippines, kung pupunta po kayo ng abroad, you could pass by the Mabuhay lounge. Actually, we have already installations in their canteens and smoking sections. Definitely, an air purifier has beneficial effects in the smoking areas,” Mr. Lontoc said.

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology Sharp Special Projects and Business Development Manager Mr. Ireneo Lontoc

Sharp Special Project and Business Development Manager, Mr. Ireneo Lontoc

“Even in the car, we have car ion generator. It can deactivate all the odors, even the food smells. The need of plasmacluster is whenever there is air contamination particularly.” he added.

The significant cooperation between Qualimed and Sharp leans towards their goal of establishing a sustainable and healthy environment for all. Thus, this milestone in the medical industry is more than a contribution towards its longstanding goal in giving quality healthcare. Qualimed-Sharp innovations collaboration painted a hopeful addition to nation building that boldly suffices the market and society’s constantly changing demands.

You can also experience purified air at home by using the portable Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology products below!

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology Products

For more information about Plasmacluster Ion Technology, and other exceptional products of Sharp Philippines Corporation, visit or check their Facebook page at and Instagram at @Sharp.PH.

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