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I Am a Purpleholic! #ChooseTheRightHue

So many beautiful colors but I’ve chosen P-U-R-P-L-E ever since I learned how to distinguish and appreciate different shades. I am a PURPLEHOLIC and only realized it when I even had our old house painted in Lavender shade! Well, it wasn’t enough that my room was painted in the same shade, it had to be the whole exterior! LOL

I Love Anything Purple

It’s not a disease coz I don’t just buy anything in purple. I can still control myself (sometimes lol) and nothing like buying a really expensive item to the point that it’s outrageous and impractical already.

But I do have this ring that my husband gave me in one of our anniversaries though I know it’s not that expensive at least he got the idea hahaha

Purple Teardrop Ring

The last time I posted about this color was when I was asked “what is the right hue” for me. It’s posted HERE where I also revealed some of my purple items.

Now, I’m posting different sets and believe me, there are plenty of other items in various shades of purple. I’ve come to amass a lot of purplish things in my lifetime and I treasure them all. Thus, you’re allowed to call me a Purpleholic!

Purple Items of a Purpleholic

My retired Guess long wallet, Starbucks tumbler, earphones, fancy glasses, calorie counter watch, liquid liner, Kate Spade bag and oh my gosh, even my hangers are in that color! hahaha

You see, I am a Purpleholic and it makes my heart jump whenever I see an item in that shade. It makes my day, makes me smile, lifts my spirit – PURPLE is LIFE!

Purpleholic, all things in purple

I searched high and low for utensils with purple handles and luckily found them at SM. My make-up bag, hanky, Tupperware kitchen tool, Air Freshener and floor mat, all in shades of Purple! I’m looking for pots and pans in that shade too! Do you think it’s craziness already if I will have my gas range and refrigerator custom painted in lavender or lilac? hahaha

Purpleholic Purple Refrigerator

I wanted my hair in purple though very subtle, so I had it done last year. I looked great but it’s a pain to maintain. But, I just might try it again coz well, why not, Purple is the color of 2018!

Purpleholic Purple Hair

I don’t know why I’ve chosen this color, but what I know is that I even want my BOUNTY FRESH EGGS colored in Purple! Call me crazy but as eggs make a person healthy, well, it will also make me happy to see em’ all in different shades of Purple!

Purpleholic Purple Eggs

I’ve already found the perfect color for me a long time ago, but how about you, WHAT’S YOUR HUE?

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