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Toughest Laundry Loads? No Prob with LG TWINWash!

Dirty laundry always piles up like a mountain more so with all boys at home. It’s the toughest job for any mom though at least, I can multi-task while waiting for each load to finish. Every year, a new washer comes out boasting of the latest in technology and every Christmas, I wish for a new one hahaha.

Now comes the latest washer from LG Electronics, the LG TWINWash, featuring a front load washer at the top and a smaller pedestal washer below, allowing you to run two loads of laundry at the same time.


The pedestal washer is perfect for small loads like delicates, whites, and baby clothes. It is also perfect for clothes that can benefit from an immediate wash like athletic wear. Furthermore, the LG TWINWash doesn’t take up as much space as other washers, making it a perfect addition for those who are living in space-poor condominiums and apartments.

So this new year, get more out of your time, energy, and space at home with the LG TWINWash. For more information about the LG TWINWash, please visit http://www.lg.com/ph/twin-load.

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