Jollibee Order and Pick Up

Jollibee Favorites New Order & Pick Up Service

Celebrate the joy of having more moments to cherish with the things and people you love with Jollibee’s new Order and Pick Up service! To launch this new ordering channel, Jollibee highlights how this new and convenient service through the Jollibee App can help people manage their hectic schedule in a new video on their Facebook page.

For those who have a lot of things on their to-do list, Jollibee offers a time-saving and hassle-free way to have their favorites for take-out. The new Jollibee “Order and Pick Up” feature exclusively available in the Jollibee app allows on-the-go individuals to place their orders ahead and claim them at their preferred branch at their most convenient time — without falling in line!

Jollibee  Order and Pick Up

With Jollibee’s new ‘Order & Pick Up’ feature, people who have started working on-site can maximize their travel time by scheduling their order and picking it up at the branch nearest their route going home. Those busy with errands can save time and do more by simply ordering ahead and picking up their favorite meals at either the curbside or take out counter, or drive-thru window of their preferred store.

Jollibee  Order and Pick Up

“As we find ourselves adjusting to this new normal, we see more the importance of saving time given the many things we need to manage in a day. It’s really a faster-paced world now. This leaves some parents to have shorter times with their families, and other individuals with fewer opportunities to rest or do more of what they want. At Jollibee, we always look for ways to bring services that add value and bring convenience to our customers through innovation. With the new ‘Order & Pick Up’ feature in the Jollibee App, everyone can save more time and spend it with those who matter most to them,” shared Joseph Aruta, Jollibee Senior Marketing Manager for Value Platforms Category.

Jollibee Order and Pick Up

Jollibee’s new ‘Order & Pick Up’ service can be accessed through the Jollibee App – customers can select a store, specify their preferred time and date of pick-up, and choosing their orders using their phone. Upon arrival at the store, there is no need to fall in line as they can go directly to the claiming area to collect their orders, or to stay in the comfort of their car while the store crew hands them their order. For added convenience, Jollibee also offers cashless modes of payment via debit or credit card. Customers can also opt to avail of the Order & Pick Up service via Facebook Messenger, or by texting or calling their preferred branch by referring to store locator:

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  1. yanpaladquisol says:

    Ang Dali na at less hassle Lalo sa mga busy person. Pick up nalang Ang paboritong Jollibee 😊

  2. jennifer sarno cruz says:

    Perfect to people who’s on the go…more convinient and hassle free. Nice jollibee.

  3. Lyka Mitra says:

    Nakakatuwa naman po na meron na silang order and pick up sa kanilang app para iwas pila at more convinient sa mga busy po.

  4. maxgabpantino says:

    ang galing nito Mamu 😍😍the best talaga ang Jolibee they always think of ways on how to give their customers a more convenient hassle free way on how to order their favorite meals ❤️❤️

  5. kielnicole says:

    . very convenient at less hassle na laking tulong po nito para masunod lalo ang safety protocols thankyou jollibee 💜

  6. Rosiel Bogñalos says:

    Wow mamu mas mas mabilis, convenient at hassle free na po ang pag order sa Jollibee.

  7. Dhel Manog says:

    Ang galing ng ganetong service ,order and pick up mas convenient ng umorder ng favorite jollibee meal,di mo na kailangang pang pumila pila para umorder at safe na safe pa sa virus.

  8. MA Del says:

    Very convenient,ang ganda ng services ng Jollibee

  9. chriss tabamo says:

    Wow.. Ok na ok yan mommy.. Ang nice naman nyan.. Hndi na Magiging hassle pick up nalang ok na.. Very convenient. ♥️😍

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