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pH Care Gives Special Kind of #CareYouDeserve

Every woman needs that special kind of care. Someone who truly understands what you’re going through, sometimes even without uttering words, this person totally gets you. Can be a family member especially your mom or sister, your best friend, a mentor, any one who can not just relate but hold your hand through the difficult stages in your life. A few weeks ago, pH Care launched a timely campaign where guests were encouraged to bring that one person who truly understands them.

pH Care
From left to right (Mica Adriano, Leila Alcasid, Maxene Magalona, and Pia Magalona)

What Leila and Maxene have in common or what most women have in common for that matter is that innate need to be cared for by someone who understands their needs. Women think, behave, and feel differently, and therefore caring for them is also different.

“I always turn to my mom,” shared Maxene. “Life can get pretty hectic, now more than ever since I’m about to get married, I know I can turn to her for absolutely anything, because she understands just what I need. Sometimes, I don’t even have to ask! In that same way, I feel that pH Care understands my needs as a woman, because it gives me the special kind of care.”

“My best friend and I understand each other completely,” said Leila. “It’s great to have someone who truly gets me. We’re both thankful for pH Care because we know that pH Care has taken the needs and concerns of women at heart.”

This holds even more true when it comes to the most sensitive part of the woman’s body: the feminine area. For a body part so sensitive, women need a feminine care partner that is specifically made for that purpose—and that is what ph Care is all about.

pH Care
Get the #CareYouDeserve with pH Care!

pH Care Brand Manager, Chrissie Cobarrubias says, “Some women believe that washing their feminine area with soap is good enough. But what they don’t know is that while most soaps are formulated with chemicals that cleanse the body, it may be too harsh for the delicate nature of the feminine area.” Soaps often have high pH levels ranging from 9-10, a pH level that can disrupt the natural state of the feminine area and cause bacteria growth, thus leading to odor, itching and infection.

As the country’s leading brand of feminine wash, pH Care is clinically formulated with a pH level of 5 — matching the natural pH level of a woman’s intimate area. pH Care is proven to be safe for daily use, formulated to be gentle enough even for the sensitive intimate area skin, effectively keeping the intimate area fresh, clean, and odor-free everyday.

“The care that women need is deliberate, intentional, and intimate, and this goes most especially in the feminine area. We know that the feminine area is very sensitive and it takes a deeper understanding to formulate the right products that women can use everyday. pH Care spent years conducting study and research about the intricacy of the woman’s feminine area and every woman’s daily concerns. We want to provide the care that they truly deserve.” says the pH Care Brand Manager.

I started using pH Care ever since they came out in the market eons ago. No itchy feeling, always feels fresh, no foul odour while I’m on pH Care. But once I switch, believe me, I hate my self for doing so, lol. For daily use, I buy any variant but my latest is this pH Care Shower Splash. During my period days, I replace it with pH Care Naturals Guava.

pH Care Shower Splash

pH Care has 9 different variants; pH Care Cool Wind, pH Care Passionate Bloom, pH Care Naturals Guava, pH Care Naturals Papaya, pH Care Fresh Blossoms, pH Care Fragrance Free, pH Care Happy Daisies, pH Care Powder Fresh and pH Care Shower Splash. Each variant caters to different preferences of women – choices from floral scents or fresh out of the shower scents.

pH Care variants

Each pH Care bottle contains 7 intimate benefits: it is antibacterial, it cools and refreshes, it deodorizes, it is OB-gyne tested, it contains silky softeners, it’s hypo allergenic, and most importantly it has the right pH level of 5, perfectly matching that of the intimate area.

With all these benefits, women can turn to no other than that one feminine wash that understands, giving the special kind of care that every woman deserves.

At least now I don’t have to worry about supplies because these will last me a month or two. What’s great with pH Care is that it’s concentrated so a few drops will do. I use it twice a day, and it’s perfectly safe! Plus, look at my cutie personal kit, those little pH Care bottles fits perfectly alright. Thank you!

pH Care is available in all leading supermarkets, department stores, and convenience stores nationwide. Prices range of the 50ml pH Care bottle is PHP 48.00 to PHP 51.00, the price range of the 150ml pH Care bottle is PHP 107.00 to PHP 113.00 and the price range of the 250ml pH Care bottle is PHP 135.00 to PHP 142.00.

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