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Easy to Use Tupperware Can Opener

One of the essentials in the kitchen is a sturdy and safe to use can opener. I’m tired of using that plastic or aluminum can openers which only make my life not as easy as it should be. Imagine your tummy rumbling because you’re so hungry and you see this ready to eat pork & beans. Only to be frustrated because it’s hard to use your can opener. I did experience that and so when Tupperware sent me their cool can opener, found it a lot easier to handle, this Tupperware Can Opener is one of my new best friends!

Easy to Use Tupperware Can Opener

I don’t like complicated kitchen tools, lol. Hubby handles all of those complex kitchen appliances, I’m just on the sidelines. I’m happy to say that this Tupperware Can Opener rocks! It’s solidly built, no fuss, safe to use even for kids, easy to wash.

Watch this short video and be amazed!

I used it to open a can of peach. If I didn’t watch the video first, it would be a bit confusing to use because it’s unlike my other old can openers. In just under a minute, I was able to open the can, no sweat! It can lift lids too, I just didn’t see that part of the video, hahahaha. Also, no fear of getting cuts because it won’t leave any rough or sharp edges!

Easy to Use Tupperware Can Opener Easy to Use Tupperware Can Opener

Why make your life miserable when you can make it easier? This Tupperware Can Opener is only available at their branches and dealers. You can check out their web pages below if you wish to order or for more updates.


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