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Brew and Bake: Breville-lize Your Coffee and Baking Experience!

I love coffee and I’m thinking of going back to baking. Just a few reasons why I went to WOFEX 2016 last August 4th plus Breville had a booth there and showcased their products, taught us how to “Breville-lize Your Coffee and Baking Experience”!

Brew and Bake: Breville-lize Your Coffee and Baking Experience!

Though there were many people interested about the mini seminar, glad I attended coz I really learned a lot!

So, here’s what happened during the 2nd day of the Brew and Bake event…

Master Latte Artist Dave Dource and Chef Edward David Mateo, the so called “Dynamic Duo” created their mind-blowing desserts and pastries with aroma-rich coffee on the side.

Chef Edward Mateo

Chef Edward Mateo

The man behind the highly successful La Royale Kitchen Studio & Royal Patisserie. His delectable cake and pastry creations have made him popular, with orders coming in from big gaming centers as Resorts World Manila, members of Manila’s 400, and entertainment celebrities.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, Chef Edward swears by BREVILLE®, the premier brand of kitchen products from Australia since 1932.

“If you are looking for a quality product, BREVILLE® gives you the best,” he says. “When it comes to creaming butter, mixing batter and whipping egg whites, it works fast and efficiently. It is very easy to operate and is hassle free.”

Breville Scraper Mixer Pro and Smart Oven

Breville Scraper Mixer Pro and Breville Oven

The BREVILLE® Smart Oven™ (BOV800) is equipped with Element IQ™, a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts heating power to suit whatever you are cooking. With 9 preset programs, you can easily bake, grill, roast, cook crumpets, toasts, cookies and pizza, reheat and warm cold food with just the push of a button. With a 22-liter capacity, no chicken is too big to cook in this convection oven.

The BREVILLE® Scraper Mixer Pro™ (BEM800), is the first and only stand mixer designed with kitchen timer and specific mixing speed control. The innovative Scraper Beater mixes ingredients better by wiping the sides and bottom of the bowl with every turn.

I got to taste them and they’re heavenly delicious! It was such an easy task for the mixer too.. no sweat, lol

 photo 20160830_202947_zpsjz5wknxa.jpg

 photo 20160830_203120_zpstft4w8tu.jpg

 photo 20160804_145336_zpsg45lbpkl.jpg
salted caramel choco tart

 photo 20160804_152632_zpsyxjza3im.jpg
Matcha Green Tea cookies

And what’s the best partner for cakes and cookies? Of course! Coffee! Our coffee tasting that time was made sweeter coz Master Latte Artist Dave Dource brewed their best one right in front of us!

Dave Dource Master Latte Artist

Dave Dource with Breville Oracle BES980
Coffee Expert Dave Dource recommends Breville’s ORACLE (BES980) if you want your coffee fix fast or practice latte art at home.

Coffee Expert and Master Latte Artist Dave Dource

BREVILLE® s new brand ambassador at the two-day selling exhibit at Rustan’s Alabang Town Center. In the Philippines, he is part of a movement called Barista Artist and Scientist. The group aims to teach and introduce specialty coffee to the Filipino audience. He was also an instructor at the School of Barista (former Philippine Barista and Coffee Academy).

“You cannot have good coffee without a good brewing tool,” he says. In his eight years of being in the coffee industry, Dave has already made a name for himself by winning in latte art competitions here and abroad. He was certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, and a member of the Barista Guild of America.

Dave says that much like wine, there is complexity in making and drinking coffee. To bring out the flavor and taste of coffee, there need BREVILLE®s to be a proper extraction.

The BREVILLE® Coffee and Kettle line consists of the Compact Kettle-™, Barista Express™, Smart Grinder Pro™, Dual Boiler™ and Oracle™.

The Compact Kettle™ may be small in size but big in features. It can hold one liter of water and boils it in 45 seconds. It has a stainless mesh filter and a soft open lid to prevent splatter.

Breville Compact Kettle

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro™, on the other hand, lets you experience grinding coffee beans at home. This hands-free machine is very easy to use. You have the option to grind beans from the coarsest to the finest with its 60 grind setting. Its bean hopper can hold up to 450 grams of coffee beans. It also comes with an airtight container for pre-ground coffee grinds.

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

For baristas like Dave, the Dual Boiler™ is a winner. It has triple heating system with actively heated group head. The Dual Boiler gives the right temperature for every cup. One boiler is for steaming milk, while the other is for steaming espresso which you can control the texture of milk and coffee extraction.

Breville Dual Boiler

The star of the Coffee and Kettle line is the Oracle™, the world’s first automatic manual espresso machine. It has stainless steel dual boilers, built-in grinder with 350 gram bean hopper, and manual and automatic built-in frother. The Oracle features automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing. It is also equipped with the one touch Americano feature which delivers a double espresso, and through dedicated spout, fills the cup with hot water, just like how it is done in cafés.

Breville Oracle Automatic Manual Espresso Machine

BREVILLE® an Australian innovation since 1932 offers kitchen products with quality attested by many food experts all around the world. The brand prides itself for being a major innovator in the market and for being endorsed by experts in the industry. Aside from Dave Dource, other BREVILLE® ambassadors include Founding President of the Philippine Chapter of the Ordre Internationale des Disciples Escoffier, Chef Philip John Golding, Executive Chef Luis “Chele” Gonzales, Former Junior MasterChef Finalist Chef Louise Mabulo, Modern Pastry & Desserts Royalty Chef Edward Mateo and Certified Raw Food Chef Margo Lao.
“You can never wrong. Breville-lize your kitchen!

For more information about Breville products, visit or Facebook page at /brevillephilippines and Instagram, Twitter @breville_phils.

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