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Knorr #LutongNanay Campaign + #AsimKiligPaMore Sinigang!

Knorr once again launched a #LutongNanay campaign! The last one I attended was a program to help fight malnutrition in children. This time, though with the same ideology in mind, it is to bring back our love of eating home-cooked meals. What better way to present an example of home-cooked meals? Well, most of you will agree and even your kids will nod their heads that one of the faves is SINIGANG!

Knorr #LutongNanay Sinigang na Baboy

I cooked this Sinigang na Baboy a few days ago because my 2 boys were sick and they requested it. I’m a lucky mom because they love sinigang and eat the veggies too! Actually, they only eat these veggies when cooked with this version, hahaha.. Though they also love Sinigang na Salmon Belly and Sinigang na Hipon. Since both had asthma just recently, seafood is prohibited, thus the pork version won.

Knorr #LutongNanay #AsimKiligPaMore campaign

But during the recent Knorr #LutongNanay event last August 12, 2016 at The Cookery Place in BGC, Taguig, I got the chance to cook a new version and found out that Sinigang has other versions I’m not aware of lol!

This occasion was a follow-up event to further promote Knorr’s #LutongNanay campaign. Now on its 3rd year, Knorr Lutong Nanay continues to champion delicious, home cooked meals for the Filipino family, especially in this day and age of eating out and instant food. With such a goal and the progress that Knorr has attained, Knorr is visibly bringing back the passion for food as shown in home-cooked meals to the Filipino families. Around 20 mommy bloggers participated in this event. These chosen guests are some of the ultimate foodie moms who are very much passionate about food and flavor.

Knorr #LutongNanay #AsimKiligPaMore campaign

Mommies were divided into teams and the recipe our team got was “Surf and Turf Sinigang”. Basically it’s Sinigang with Maya-Maya and Shrimp combo with slices of Pork Sukiyaki style. Honestly, I didn’t know it’s possible and palatable hahahaha.. I haven’t tried nor cooked this version before and boy it was delicious! I didn’t know that fish, shrimp and pork can be combined as I always had this notion that it won’t taste good lol.

Louise Fandino-Santos, a Knorr Mom, hosted the event. It started with each mom introducing herself and sharing cooking stories, tips, family favorites, and their signature dishes with the group. The group sharing was then followed by a short brand presentation on Knorr #LutongNanay with special focus on Sinigang, an all-time family, not to mention, kiddie favorite that makes everyone eat more rice, vegetables and soup. Then, Chef Kai – a talented chef and a mother to two – did a cooking demonstration on various Sinigang recipes, afterwhich, the participants cooked and plated different Sinigang dishes.

Knorr #LutongNanay #AsimKiligPaMore Campaign

It’s just an easy recipe though you have to be aware of your cooking time as fish and shrimp are faster to be cooked than chunks of pork. A few tricks if you don’t know it yet (not in their particular order):

– For solely pork or beef, pressure cook it along with onions and gabi
– Use rice washing instead of regular tap or mineral water. Your soup base will be much tastier!
– I usually squash some Gabi after putting in the Sinigang mix. This way your soup will be thicker.
– Put in the rest of the veggies, last are the fish, shrimps then pork slices coz they cook faster
– If you want it spicier than usual, include the green siling haba while simmering. Otherwise, since my kids doesn’t like chili, it’s the very last thing I drop in the mix.

Here’s the original recipe for Knorr Surf and Turf Sinigang:

 1 L rice washing
 2 pcs onions, quartered
 2 pcs tomatoes, quartered
 2 pcs gabi, quartered
 1 pc green chili (sili pansigang)
 1⁄4 kg shrimp, trimmed
 1⁄4 kg Maya-maya, cut into serving pcs.
 1 pack Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok Original 20g
 1⁄4 pc radish, sliced
 4 pcs okra
 1 cup long beans or sitaw, sliced
 1⁄4 kg pork sukiyaki, sautéed
 1 cup kangkong, sliced

1. Bring to boil rice washing in a pot with onions, tomatoes, gabi, and green chili until gabi is tender.
2. Add shrimp, maya-maya, and Knorr Sinigang sa Sampalok Original. Simmer until cooked.
3. Add radish, okra, and long beans. Simmer for a minute then add pork sukiyaki and kangkong. Cover for a minute then serve.

Knorr #LutongNanay #AsimKiligPaMore Surf and Turf Sinigang
Surf and Turf Sinigang

So what exactly is Knorr’s #LutongNanay campaign? According to Knorr’s Brand Manager for Bouillon and Seasonings, Dhiren Karnani, “Our goal is to bring back the value behind home cooked meals especially since people choose to eat outside or even alone in this fast-paced world. Knorr aims to help more moms bring the family together through the best flavors in their cooking.” The Lutong Nanay campaign also helps busy and working moms find time to cook for her family by introducing simple, smart and great tasting dishes that the family will love through recipe inspiration. “Cooking is a force for good. When a mother cooks, it is often seen as a way for her to ensure her family’s well being – and through Knorr, moms can serve nutritious meals without sacrificing great flavor” Karnani continues.

Knorr #LutongNanay #AsimKiligPaMore Sinigang RecipesFrom Left: Knorr Sizzling Sinigang, Sinigang na Liempo sa Sampaloc. Bottom: Sinigang with Pakwan

Four different Sinigang variations were prepared and enjoyed that day, namely: Knorr Sinigang with Pakwan, Knorr Surf and Turf Sinigang, Knorr Sinigang na Liempo sa Sampaloc and Knorr Sizzling Sinigang. All of the participants had the hands-on opportunity to experience cooking these Sinigang variations themselves. Because these recipes were not your usual Sinigang, everyone was curious about how the dish would turn out and of course, everyone was pleased with the end dish – their own and those of the other participants. Apart from tasting the result of the recipes assigned to them, the participants also excitedly tried the Sinigang dishes of the other groups. Everyone left with new friends, happy tummies and great memories.

Knorr #LutongNanay #AsimKiligPaMore

Since my whole family loves sinigang, I’ll definitely cook the different variations in the coming weeks and will share with you the recipes too! This will be my personal share to the campaign and hopefully reach out to other mommies all around.

Thank you, Knorr Philippines for this opportunity to be part of the campaign again!

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  1. My son doesn’t like sinigang but he has no choice pag ito ulam namin because my husband and I love sinigang. 🙂 I also use Knorr products.

    1. Do another version, he might like it. My kids, they didn’t like it back then but eventually, coz they also had no choice, they crave for it na

  2. How awesome it is for Knorr to invite the mommy bloggers to be in this event. I mean who are more qualified to be in this event than to Moms right? Hehe. I bet you all have learned so many things during this event. Knorr has always been a household brand for decades now and many moms trust this brand.

    1. Agree on being a trusted brand! and yeah, we did had so much fun!

  3. Been seeing a lot about the sinigang sa pakwan, now this Surf and Turf sinigang! Mukhang masarap as I love sinigang na hipon and baboy. Hehe! This is also my little girl’s fave! Would love to try this kaya lang baka di ready mga kasama ko sa bahay hehehe

    1. It was my first time to cook this version din hahaha.. I really didn’t know that you can combine meat and seafood lol

  4. Ang laki ng hipon (or sugpo ba yan)!!! I want the recipe for the sizzling sinigang, di ko nauwi yun papel. XD

    1. Nope, i think ’twas just medium sized shrimps. Naka-zoom lang when I shot it lol..

  5. I am not a fan of sinigang. Surprisingly though, my eldest is. Knorr’s campaign on eating at home sounds great as eating outside is reallybad for our health.

    1. Yaiks! You should try and taste it! My whole family don’t eat much at fast foods when we go out but yeah really bad more so for the kids.

  6. This looks like a fun event. I didn’t know you can make different variations of Sinigang. Since i recently learned how to cook it, i’m excited to try this one. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    1. I didn’t either.. and hoped that I will get to cook the pakwan version.. but will try it at home na lang..

  7. It really sucks that I missed this event. You guys seem to have had a lot of fun. I love surf and turf sinigang!It’s been a while since I’ve had it though.

    1. We did and we were so noisy lol… Maybe next campaign 🙂

  8. Wow, sinigang in four ways 🙂 I will try that Surf and Turf, looks different but delish ♥

    1. Try the Sinigang sa Pakwan too!

  9. Wow I wanna try that sizzling sinigang. I haven’t tasted special sinigang ever since. It’s cool for Knorr to motivate moms to get creative with cooking. I wanna try this recipe soon.

    1. Yay! I didn’t even know that there’s a sizzling version nga and will try to cook it too in the weeks to come 🙂

  10. It all looks so delish now I’m craving for Sinigang. It’s our all time favorite lalo na pag umuulan.

    1. Yep, there’s something with sinigang that tastes even better when it’s raining..

  11. I can almost taste the tangy-savoury sinigang! Now I wish we had sinigang for dinner haha.

    1. ay kame every other week we have sinigang. My family, walang kasawa-sawa lol.

  12. I enjoyed our cooking session too and my favorite is Sinigang sa Pakwan!

    1. Yeah, enjoyed it a lot too! Ang ingay lang natin hahaha.. obvious na puro mommies were there lol

  13. Loyal Knorr sinigang mix user here! Ewan ko ba, I can’t seem to get along with other brands at all hehe.

    1. same here hahahaha… sinigang doesn’t seem to be that great if I don’t use knorr.

  14. Would love to attend this kind of activity. Maybe more exposure pa, I’ll try to learn how to cook na 🙂

    1. Oh, super busy career woman ka kase eh hahaha.. but you should try cooking once in a while.

  15. Oooh you were part of the Surf n Turf team. How was it? I’m so curious but I didn’t get to taste the other teams’ Sinigang variations.

    1. i wasn’t able to taste the other versions as well so I’m going to replicate in my kitchen. Yep, that was my team.. sad we weren’t able to chit-chat..

  16. I love that campaign of Knorr on malnutrition. And it is such a noble intention of companies like knorr to help government fight malnutrition. The Lutong Nanay campaign is equally important as it promotes family relationship and ties. I hope there would be more campaigns like these.

    1. I hope so too! The advertising is effective naman coz there are readers who already asked me for the sinigang sa pakwan recipe hahaha.
      Yes, both campaigns are geared towards giving proper nutrition to kids as well as getting families back together and sharing their fave meals.

  17. I have been a knorr user for the longest time. Knorr really has the real sinigang taste and really gives that asim kilig all the time. I’m so curious with the sinigang sa pakwan and is looking forward to trying.

    1. I’ve tried other brands but nothing beats the sinigang mix of knorr! hehehe

  18. Sinigang is my all-time favorite! Though I haven’t tried it with pakwan. Maybe I should give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Haven’t got the time to try the recipe for pakwan either. But will do and post soon!

  19. We love sinigang at home and I also use Knorr Sinigang Mix. Fave variant is the one with Miso. 🙂

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