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Lancaster New City: Magical Christmas Lights Show, Banchetto and Bazaar

The jolly festive season is here once again and parents are cramming on what to give to their children this year that would top last year’s surprises. It’s no wonder that some kids nowadays hardly have the right idea of what Christmas season truly is about other than, well, receiving gifts. To help change or break that “gifts are more important” tradition, this year, Lancaster New City in Imus Cavite is bringing back that magical world of Christmas with its Lights Show, Banchetto and Bazaar. This is indeed a wonderful effort that will help us remember the real essence of a true-blue Christmas tradition.

Lancaster New City Imus Cavite Christmas Lights Show

Creating a simple yet meaningful Christmas has been our tradition in the family. We don’t believe in splurging over expensive gifts or other unnecessary items that make up for that Holiday Season feel.

As we toured around Lancaster New City that Saturday afternoon, it made me appreciate what this real estate company planned to accomplish for the Filipino families.

Then as we watched the Christmas light show, it was like reliving my childhood years. I imagined myself being with my family and living in this place that promotes peace, unity, and pure happiness. Well, as the Lancaster New City tagline goes – they are indeed “a Family Friendly City”.

The images and video above are just a peek on what’s happening now at Lancaster New City. During my first short visit in this place, one will surely think of moving and spending the rest of his life here.

At night, the place bustled with exciting activities. After the Christmas Light Show, we visited the Banchetto and Bazaar, which are just beside the main event’s area. vendors were busy left and right, kids enjoyed the freedom of safely roaming around while parents had their hands full of great finds.

Lancaster New City Imus Cavite Christmas Banchetto and Bazaar

Honestly, I almost forgot the real feeling of celebrating Christmas season. But attending this event and roaming around this area made me remember all the wonderful emotions I felt as my family and I celebrated Christmas during my younger years. So I invite you to visit Lancaster New City and rekindle your past or simply spend quality time with your family.

Posted below is their schedule for the Light Show as well as for the Banchetto and bazaar.

Lancaster New City Imus Cavite Christmas Banchetto and Bazaar

So gather the whole fambam and don’t forget to bring jackets because it will be cold and breezy at night. Don’t mind about bringing food because there will be plenty of choices for adults and children alike at the banchetto. Also, bring extra money so you won’t regret not buying some great finds at the bazaar.

Lastly, I suggest to go there early so you can check out the model houses that Lancaster New City #TheFamilyFriendlyCity​ has to offer. Who knows? You might just find your dream home there!

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