Legolympics: Battle of the Champions

Most kids know what the word LEGO means – T-O-Y-S! It means unlimited design building wherever one’s imagination takes him, extended playing hours, honing children’s eye-hand coordination skills and mastering creativity into physical reality. I’m pretty sure kids and kids-at-heart will agree with me on this. So when SM Southmall invited me to cover the Legolympics, I didn’t hesitate and brought my 8 year old with me to rediscover the wonderful world of LEGO!


Lots of people in attendance, competitors of all ages, their families and LEGO fans. It was a momentous event for players because this was the final leg of the battle for championship and huge cash await winners of different divisions.

First in the game was the kids category and they were asked to assemble their versions of a LEGO gift box.

Legolympics Kids Category

Parents were shouting and coaching their young ones while being proud and happy for their children’s achievements and of having reached this final stage.

When the timer was up, judges examined and put in their scores for each contestant.

Legolympics Judges

There was also a short and fun competition for parents. The task was to build as many mini LEGO Storm Troopers as they can. It was fun to see kids coached their parents while the latter experienced the tension of the timer, lol.


Next in the “battlefield” were the teens. The tasks got difficult as each category advanced to the next level. This time teenagers were asked to create a LEGO Santa!

Legolympics Teens Category

Last in the forefront was the adults category. If you think a Christmas Elf is an easy-peasy task, well it’s not if you’re going to create it with LEGO pieces more so if you’re in a competition and vying for the grand prize!

Legolympics Adults Category

You will feel the tension building up if you were there, as these men and women poured all their creative juices into their versions of LEGO Christmas Elf. Huge expectations and a lot of time-pressured stress for the competitors vying for only 3 winning slots.

When all things had settled and judges finished their deliberations, winners were finally announced. In each category – Kids, Teens and Adults, prizes were Php1,500 (2nd Runner Up), Php2,500 (1st Runner Up) and Php5,000 (Grand Prize).

Legolympics Champions

I think the rest of the contestants didn’t come home empty handed because each was given a bag of Legolympics items.

LEGO Darth Vader

Now that the Legolympics has concluded, don’t fret kiddos, coz you can still play LEGO at SM Southmall and create your own masterpieces! And I’m sure you’re gonna love their LEGO versions of the movie characters in Star Wars! So, head on to SM Southmall before the holiday vacation ends and be mesmerized at the intricate LEGO Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and more!

LEGO Star Wars

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