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Create a Room That’s Comfortable and Inviting

Whether your interior design style is traditional with warm woods and priceless antiques or modern with shiny surfaces and stylized furniture, your home should provide a comfortable environment for your family. By focusing on several important interior design elements, you can make any style home feel warm and inviting.


Warm colors in shades of red, orange and yellow create feelings of excitement, while cool colors in shades of green, blue and purple create feelings of tranquility. Warm and cool colors come in shades from bold to pale and there are hundreds of hues to choose from. Whether you’re choosing colors for paint, wallpaper, wood tones, fabrics, rugs or accessories, consider the mood you’re trying to create in your room. If you want a room that feels comfortable and cozy, choose warm color shades. Although cool color shades can create a stunning room, they won’t give you a cozy feeling. For rooms designed in cool colors like gray, teal, mint, lavender or ocean blue, add warm hues into the room with art or accessories.

Acoustic Colors


Rooms with hard, sleek surfaces can be quite beautiful and sophisticated, but they will never feel warm and cozy. To create a comfortable, cozy mood, you need softness in the room. You can quickly add softness with upholstery, draperies, rugs and accessories like pillows or throws. Textiles with a soft hand like suede, chenille, corduroy and velvet create an inviting coziness that welcomes you, and soft, tactile upholstery beckons you to sit down. If the fabric isn’t durable enough for upholstery on sofa foam replacement cushions from The Foam Factory, use it for draperies, shades or pillows to bring softness into the room. If your interior includes hard surface flooring like stone, tile or wood, an area rug will help soften the look.

Suede Body Pillows


Whether you choose a warm or cool color palette for your room, you can create an inviting ambiance with warm, soft lighting that makes the room feel comfortable. If you have recessed ceiling lights, track lighting, chandeliers or pendants, put them on dimmers. This way, you can soften the overhead light and create a cozier, more intimate atmosphere which is great for entertaining and dining. Always use warm light bulbs in light fixtures and table lamps and avoid fluorescent bulbs which create harsh, green light that’s unflattering to skin tones. If your room has a fireplace – light it! There’s nothing more inviting than a warm, glowing fire.

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