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Science in Everyday Lives – an Innovation Experience with 3M

Post-it Notes. Scotch. Scotch-Brite. These are just some of the most iconic brands that nearly everyone across the globe grew up with. Their common denominator? Their mother company is 3M, which applies science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily, making it the purveyor of the world’s most innovative products and one of the strongest science advocates in the market.

We encounter 3M products every day, everywhere. In fact, the most recognizable products like the colorful Post-it® Notes we’ve come to rely on as great reminders, the supreme adhesive quality of Scotch® Magic Tape we often use for wrapping gifts, and the iconic yellow and green dishwashing sponges by Scotch-Brite Brand that is a staple at the kitchen sink. These are all so embedded in our daily lives as Filipinos.

How embedded you ask? 3M is literally everywhere. Our mobile phones and laptops likely have multiple 3M applications inside it. The tint in your vehicles—yes, likely 3M. And while most of us have not gone out in the past months, even the road signs are made possible with science and technology from 3M (called retro-reflective, by the way). The vast breadth of 3M’s products and technologies continue to grow and even as we transition to a changed reality due to the pandemic, the innovation company shows no sign of stopping.

3M Scotch Brite NexCare Post-it

In a recent virtual innovation tour, 3M showed us the seemingly magical ways the technologies in their products work. Seemingly magical because, of course, it is science. Who knew there is a science to properly washing dishes? The abrasive minerals embedded in their scouring pads allow for superior cleaning of our precious pots and pans. Or how Command™ Hooks have the best adhesives that won’t damage walls, but still holds on strongly? Seeing and understanding what makes the classic disposable N95 particulate respirator of 3M special was also eye-opening. It is their unique filter media technology that goes into their respirators that allows for the greater passage of air while keeping us safe from the nasty contaminants. This also offered better appreciation on why face masks are for the general public and why the N95 respirators are better left for the healthcare workers.

It was also refreshing to know that a big company like 3M still manages to be active in supporting the country through various charitable activities and also sharing their knowledge in science like their Science at Home program, ultimately staying true to their vision of improving lives.

3M Philippines

We were also given a taste of one Science at Home experiment by the 3M engineers, on chromatography which is definitely doable with kids at home with available materials. 3M is actively advocating for continuing education with Science at Home, a series of science education modules that parents and kids can do together, to supplement science lessons in school.

Financial grants have also been provided for Project Damayan of Caritas Manila and Philippine Business for Social Progress. On the other hand, personal protection equipment (PPE) donations have been made to Philippine National Red Cross and several private and public hospitals in the country aimed to support those affected by the pandemic. Earlier in the year during the height of the Taal Volcano eruption, 3M Philippines also provided PPE donations to World Vision Philippines, the Philippine National Red Cross and other first responders.

To know more about 3M Philippines, its products, and advocacies head over to https://www.3mphilippines.com.ph/ for more information.

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