How to Prepare Your Kids for a Play Audition

Theater work is exciting and fun, but it can also be nerve-wracking, especially for kids who are trying out for a play for the first time. Here are a few tips for getting your child ready for their very first audition.

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1. Encourage them to read the play before auditioning. Knowing the plot of the play and the different characters will make your child feel more prepared. Plus, if the director asks any questions about the play, your little actor will be ready with the answers! Also, if your child is auditioning for one role but the director asks them to read lines for another, they’ll have some background information already and the audition will sound more natural.

2. Have your child spend a lot of time preparing for the audition. They’ll be given lines to read ahead of time, which gives them the opportunity to practice different ways of delivering them. Remind your child that they shouldn’t just read the lines, they should also act them out. Ask them to think about how the character feels and what it would be like if they were in the same situation.

3. Remind your child to talk slowly instead of rushing through the lines. When they slow down their speech and enunciate every word, they’ll sound more confident and less nervous. Plus, it’s easier to speak clearly and loudly when you don’t rush through your lines.

4. If your child is very young, they may have trouble memorizing certain lines. Have them recite one of their favorite poems instead. They may be given a bit role without speaking parts, but they still need to audition in front of a panel.

5. Even if your child has performed in plays in the past, help them keep their ego in check. Not everybody gets a role in every children’s play, after all! Even actors with experience still have to have a great audition. Put the focus on them having a great audition, not landing the lead role or showing off in front of everybody else.

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