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Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Weddings are a rite of passage in our society, and thousands of people have them around the country each year. As a result, it is no surprise that many couples try to make their wedding invitations stand out by being a bit unique and different from the standard fare. Here are some tips and suggestions for making unique wedding invitations that will be talked about long after the wedding itself has come to pass.


Match Your Colours

Perhaps the most obvious, yet frequently forgotten, tip for unique wedding invitation ideas is to make invitations that match your wedding colours in every way.

If you don’t know what wedding colours are, that’s a good place to start. Your colours are a bit like the flag of your wedding; they coordinate everything and tie the colourful parts of your wedding together by giving it a consistent theme.

Naturally, you’ll want your invitations to match this colour theme, and match it well. The better your match, the better your invitations will stand out as those of a couple that took the time to plan things out rather than phoning them in.

Pick Fonts that Stand Out

Once your colours have been chosen, the next step is to look for fonts that stand out. The standard Times New Roman or Arial font won’t say much about who you are, how you fell in love, or why people should come to your wedding instead of staying at home for the weekend.

Paying attention to detail by choosing a font that stands out and represents what you have to offer as a couple will increase the odds of people taking interest and making your date one they can’t miss. Remember that a good font is one that will be legible while standing out; there’s not much of an advantage to picking a quirky font that no one can decipher.

Use Images to Your Advantage

Images are a powerful way to set your wedding invitation apart from those of your friends and family. Many people take the easy route of using portraits of themselves as a couple, and there’s nothing wrong with this.

However, if you do follow this approach, you’ll want to pick pictures that stand out in a good way. Again, attention to detail is everything; if you pick bland pictures, they’ll suggest a bland wedding.

A better idea might be to look for graphics or clip-art that represent your wedding in a symbolic way, such as choosing graphics of trees if you plan on having a forest wedding, or graphics of cupcakes if you plan on serving cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. This is your chance to get creative.

Write Messages that Convey Your Individuality

Finally, while this may seem obvious, it isn’t obvious to many couples. You’ll want to express what makes you different from all the other couples getting married that weekend when you write your invitations. Bring out your personality! If you have a quirky side, don’t be afraid to show it. It’s your day.

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  1. Maddie Klingaman says:

    We had a very classy renaissance wedding ( 90% of my wedding was DIY including the invites. My husband and I made wedding scrolls. I sewed velvet bags and adorned them with dried flowers. My husband hand delivered most of them while dressed in his renaissance garb and guests that were too far away got their invites in the mail. It was a LOT of work, but fun too.

  2. Renee Smith says:

    This was a great post. I have a couple daughters who will be marrying in the near future and this gives me some great info and ideas.

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