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How to Be Chic and Comfortable While Pregnant

We all have a budget to work with. When it comes to shopping for maternity clothes don’t forget that you will be growing throughout your pregnancy and these clothes are only useful for a short amount of time. Check out places like to make sure you don’t break the bank. You can pull off chic whilst still being comfortable and staying within your budget. The following article the absolute essentials you will need in your wardrobe.

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Twin set
A twin set is a matching sleeveless top and cardigan/jacket. They don’t technically have to be exact but you want something that can be paired together and look great. Most women can tend to feel warmer during pregnancy so you want to try dress in layers where possible. This gives you more options and avoids being uncomfortably hot or cold. Drape your cardigan around your shoulders for a prep look or toss it in your bag for later.

The T-shirt
There is nothing quite like putting on a clean and crisp t-shirt. It goes with everything. It is hero when you’ve tossed everything out your closet and decided you have nothing to wear. Take your time when deciding what one to buy. For something so simple there are lots of options to choose from. Do you want v-neck or crew? The only thing you need to insure that it is a good stretchy material; you want it to see you through your pregnancy. A quality fabric will grow with you, not feel like a constraint.

Stretch Pants
The casual kind of sporty look has really exploded in the fashion scene this year. This is fantastic news. Pair your stretchy pants with a crisp t-shirt and colourful trainers, instant casual chic.

Button-down shirt
Steal your husband’s shirt or get your own tailored one from a maternity store. It can create a more dressed up look and looks great with a pair of jeans, make it work for you. Who doesn’t love a bit of masculinity mixed with femininity?

Little Black Dress
The little black dress has been saving women for centuries. It’s a fashion classic for women of all ages, shapes and personalities. It’s great for evening meals out and other formal outings. Go for something that shows off your bump rather than hide it. You’re pregnant, say it loud and proud!

You can stick with accessories that you already have or use it as an excuse to go shopping. It all depends on your feeling towards shopping. Dress up any outfit with a little bit of bling. Don’t go overboard though. Coco Chanel’s word of advice was to look at yourself in the mirror before leaving the house and selecting one piece of jewellery to take off.

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  1. marissa lee says:

    i love chic maternity clothes while i was mom said the maternity clothes they had while she was pregnant wern.t anything like the clothes they have now.

  2. Anna Johnson says:

    I was comfortable but no where near chic while pregnant- I could have used these tips!

  3. Maria Iemma says:

    My kids are grown now but I remember wearing the ugliest maternity clothes when I was pregnant. It is so nice to know that when my daughter gets pregnant she will be able to wear cute and comfortable clothes.

  4. Maternity clothes have changed so much over the years!! Now they look more like regular clothes. I love maternity clothes form Old navy. Stylish yet so comfortable!!

  5. This is such a great post!

  6. Emily Linton says:

    These are good ideas – it’s always hard to not feel like a whale when you’re pregnant! 🙂

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