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Thank You and a Bit of a Rant Post

Remember, a few weeks ago I held a quick contest here for $25 Facebook Likes? Well, all my FB pages had a tremendous increase in likers plus my son won in their school contest as the “People’s Choice Awardee” and placed 3rd in the magic 5. Thank you to all of you who spent some time and joined my contest and to most of you who didn’t join but still liked my son’s photo. That goes to show that I didn’t “buy” the votes, lol. Thank you, we really appreciate all the help we received ๐Ÿ™‚

And after the “thank you” part, here comes the rant… Believe me, I held this off as long as I can hahahaha..

Okay here goes.. The contest was a controversial issue not only in Facebook but also on this blog. Why was it controversial? Because I held a contest to increase the likes on my son’s photo. Because bloggers and friends shared his photo thus increasing our chances of getting more FB LIKES. Because some people said harsh words in FB pertaining to the contest and unfortunately, my son read them all. Because they commented/said foul words on this blog which were all caught by my spam guard, unfortunately, I don’t just delete unless I’ve already checked it. Basically, because some people don’t understand what a Social Networking contest is all about and how it works. Pufff!

I know someone somewhere will say – “The contest is over, why is she still making a fuss about it?” or something to that effect.. Why? Because you stirred something. It’s not because my “ego” was hurt, but because my son felt bad with all the yakking about “buying votes” and that we or I in particular, cheated in the form of a contest. My golly! It was a liking contest and actual people liked my son and not just some fake accounts in FB! Besides, most of them are bloggers, friends, relatives and friends of friends.

To cut this short coz I really don’t wanna “yak” some more, all I can say is – there will always be some people who won’t or can’t understand, that’s “understandable”. But, I’m a mom and you hurt my son, I won’t just stand in a corner and watch you do that.

Anyway, karma works like a charm. We’re not cheaters. Touch my son and you will definitely hear from me!

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  1. Gosh, it’s difficult to convince someone to like on Facebook contests, kaya. Let’s say that some people are guilty kaya they’re yakking on the winners. ^_^

  2. Maggie @ Tethered Mommy says:

    I kinda thought that was the point of the contests – to get people to “like” that stuff? If anybody was offended and didn’t want to like the photo, they just didn’t have to vote. Sorry your son had to be subjected to that.

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